It all started in a garage. It was a long day in 2015, and friends Emmanuel Reed, Derrick Moore, and Clinton Gray were enjoying a long-running joke that inspired a unique combination: hip-hop and pizza. Before these friends knew it, they had opened their own official pizza joint called Slim & Husky’s. At their unique spot, you can find tasty pizzas with hip-hop-inspired names like the Got 5 On It, a spin on the classic cheese pizza, or their Cee No Green all meat pizza. They also offer cinnamon rolls like the Halle Berry, a tasty treat with blueberry sauce and a lemon glaze.

Fun fact: Slim & Husky’s is active in the community. You’ll find the pizza spot supporting local artists and teachers, and even hosting debates for upcoming elections!

Business Owner
Emmanuel Reed, Derrick Moore, & Clinton Gray

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