Jean-Pierre Parent, a yoga instructor from Portland, Oregon, recognized that despite the community aspect of yoga studios, many students would quietly slip away after class so he started bringing his own homemade kombucha to share with fellow students after class. Students and studio owners loved it and started asking to purchase it so SOMA Kombucha was born. 

With kombucha flavors like grape and cherry to unique flavors like pomegranate rose there’s something for everyone. Kombucha is known for the probiotic benefits which are great for digestion and so much more. Now you can also try SOMA Kombucha with CDB for additional mind and body wellness. 

Bonus: SOMA Kombucha repurposes or reuses everything, with recycling being the last option to reach “zero waste”. For instance, the labels’ wax paper strips, which are not recyclable, are donated to a local funky arts supply store. They also select products and vendors that utilize less packaging and are reusable, and they buy in bulk.

Check out their other taproom locations in Portland, OR and Beaverton, WA!

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Jean-Pierre Parent

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