When esteemed chef John Sundstrom opened a pizza joint, Seattle was all ears. With the help of co-owners Kelly Ronan and JM Enos, he does not disappoint. Building his own signature brand of pizza, John honed a recipe for a wood-oven, wheat flour pizza and called it, Southpaw Pizza. While the topping options are upscale (or as Southpaw likes to call them, “wonderfully unorthodox”), the atmosphere is definitely casual and approachable. Let it be known though, Southpaw doesn’t serve pizza by the slice, they serve it by the slightly heftier “quarter.”

Bonus: Southpaw is a frequent supporter of local organizations, including Seattle University’s radio station, KXSU 102.1FM!

Business Owner
John Sundstrom, Kelly Ronan and JM Enos


  1. As a former SU student, Southpaw Pizza was an absolute staple in my diet. The noticeable quality of their ingredients totally sets them apart from big name pizza takeout spots.

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