Owned by Diane Skwiercz, the mobile dessert truck Street Treats was one of the first food trucks in Seattle. The concept: Handmade, from-scratch ice cream sandwiches, cookies and bars for parties and special events. Ice cream and treats are also available in local coffee shops and supermarkets.

“I just love dessert. I eat it everyday!” says Diane Skwiercz. Her dessert truck Street Treats was one of the first food trucks in Seattle, bringing delicious handmade treats to taste buds around the city. Before Street Treats, Diane worked in corporate retail management and real estate, but eventually burned out on corporate culture. “I was traveling in Asia when the economy crashed, and I thought about what I was going to do and the idea of a dessert truck just hit me. I had to do it,” she says.

Diane bought her truck off eBay and got to work. “I’d never really baked!” she admits. But her love of desserts guided her through lots of recipe testing and tasting. She started with cookies and bars, buying ice cream from local vendors. “One day I thought, it would be fun to do ice cream sandwiches, and it just blew up.” Soon, Diane took the leap to making her own ice cream, using only egg yolks, milk, cream, and sugar. “I’m proud that we make everything from scratch,” Diane says.

Street Treats’ now sells customizable bite-size ice cream sandwiches, along with other delicious treats. You can find them at Seattle Reign games, Marymoor concerts, and Seattle Center, as well as birthdays, graduations, and other catering events. You can even get her mini ice cream sandwiches in a pint container at some grocery stores! When she’s not making treats, Diane is active teaching ESL and working to organize the food truck community. She also makes a point to hire local youth and people who may be struggling through a difficult time. “My business is so different than I thought it would be,” she says. “Sometimes what you think is going to work changes, so I’m proud of us being really flexible and always figuring out the next step.”
Fun Fact
Street Treats also has a retail window at their commissary kitchen in the Central District!
Business Owner
Diane Skwiercz

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