Stretch 22 co-owners Ja’Warren Hooker and Dr. Kris Sasaki are here to help your body move better, feel better, and be better. Founded in 2018, Stretch 22 provides assisted stretching widely used by elite athletes to help lengthen, loosen, and stretch your muscles. Ja’Warren is a former Olympic sprinter with 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, and Dr. Kris has been practicing chiropractic sports medicine for 17 years. Together, they’ve developed their own unique form of flexibility training that will massage your body as you stretch. Stretch 22 is the perfect fit for all bodies — whether you’re in sports recovery, need help with mobility or flexibility issues, or just need some stress relief after long hours sitting at your desk.

Bonus: Stretch 22 has other locations in South Lake Union, Bellevue, and Madison Ridge.

Business Owner
Ja’Warren Hooker and Kris Sasaki

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