Woman-owned and operated by Ren Caldwell and her team, the Strive & Uplift gym is a place where athletes of all stripes can channel their inner bad-ass, receive strength and performance coaching, and be a part of a supportive inclusive community.

Strive & Uplift opened in 2017 as an outgrowth co-founder, Ren Caldwell's work as a strength and performance coach for elite ultimate frisbee athletes. A professional dancer turned professional trainer, Ren was drawn to the ultimate frisbee scene, as she discovered the opportunity to make an impact, working with athletes to enhance their performance and preventing injury.
The name and motto of the gym is the first thing people see when they enter the space, setting the tone for an environment in which the underlying belief is that through hard work, athletes can both improve their performance and lift up others. While the ultimate community is a strong core presence at Strive & Uplift, Ren and her co-founders Bert Abbott and Kira Morin work with a range of ages and types of athletes. From training youth who are new to ultimate frisbee, to classes for women to explore the benefits of weight training, to their partnership with Seattle Rugby, RenFitness provides an experience that offers both technical instruction and a welcoming community for all.
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