Kamal Grant knew he wanted to dedicate his life to spreading happiness through sweets since he was a child. And in 2008, he fulfilled that childhood dream by opening Sublime Doughnuts in Atlanta, Georgia. Kamal refined his skills working as a baker in the Navy and used his travels to gain more knowledge about different cultures and flavors from around the world. He later trained and worked as a pastry chef with a focus on honing classical techniques, studying the science of baking, and experimenting with unique flavor combinations. At his doughnut shop, Kamal serves up a variety of beautifully crafted donuts, including (and most definitely not limited to) white chocolate peach, salt and vinegar, dulce de leche, and many more. 

Bonus: Sublime Doughnuts’ North Druid Hills location is Kosher certified!

Business Owner
Kamal Grant

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