At Sunflower Garden, owner Yanting Deng and team offer authentic Chinese food made with the freshest, premium ingredients and regional recipes. Yanting is proud to provide quality service, delicious food, and a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Sunflower Garden serves a variety of delicious dishes you’ll love, like Kung Pao chicken, orange chicken, fried rice, and so much more.

Bonus: Be sure to try the house-made milk tea while you’re there!

Business Owner
Yanting Deng


  1. Wow, I can’t say enough good about this little corner restaurant in the Greenwood area. It’s in a plaza across the street from Rickshaw (you know, the karaoke institution) on Greenwood at 105th, which is how I first came across it. There was a short line of customers waiting for their takeout, which is how the place caught my eye. I decided to try the beef chow fun and the house fried rice and some steamed greens.

    The beef chow fun was incredibly delicious: the taste was rich and punctuated with soft but thick slices of beef, and the wide rice noodles were just the right. The fried rice went very quickly because it had the right combination of meat and vegetables fried flavorfully together. The vegetables were steamed perfectly, and all of it with a relatively short wait, given that it was lunch time.

    When my elderly parents came to town — that was the litmus test. I grew up on beef chowfun in Toronto because my father loves it. After the first two bites he nodded in his stoic kind of way and said, “good, very good.” So there you have it.

    They give you to go utensils and little cracker treats as an after bite (which my son loves). The owners are super kind and courteous. But call ahead because there are still short lines and it saves you that little bit of wait.

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