Terra Plata owners Tamara Murphy and Linda Di Lello Morton are passionate about “earth to plate” dining, inspired by seasonal, locally produced food. On a nice evening, patrons enjoy beautiful rooftop dining, surrounded by an edible garden.

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Tamara Murphy and Linda Di Lello Morton’s bright and rustic Capitol Hill restaurant is full of heart and vitality. Their “earth to plate” concept was inspired by decades of Tamara’s involvement with local farmers and sustainable food sourcing. Tamara was 15 when she first stepped foot in a kitchen. “One day a cook didn’t show up, and the owner dragged me into the kitchen, and I never came out!” Tamara recalls with a laugh. In the restaurant’s garden, Tamara began learning about food from the ground up, in sync with the seasons. After her travels brought her to Seattle in her mid-twenties, she worked with renowned chefs Dominique Place and Peter Lewis, before opening Seattle’s beloved Brasa in 1999.
At a time when farmers didn’t deliver to restaurants and even farmers markets were scarce, Tamara began cultivating relationships with farmers and serving their food. “I started getting more connected to the food I was cooking, and that changed me as a chef,” she says. Local, sustainable ingredients and nourishing relationships are at the heart of Terra Plata. This is obvious in the flourishing rooftop garden, dishes infused with seasonal flavors, and a staff that feels like family.
Tamara and Linda actively stand up for their values in the restaurant industry and beyond. They are highly involved in city politics, with Linda serving on Mayor Durkan’s Small Business Advisory Commission and transition team. They also use their platform to support national campaigns and issues that they feel passionate about, such as advocacy for low-income women, breast cancer awareness, and local issues that affect small business and the restaurant industry. “Restaurants are about community, and the fact is you have to put yourself out there,” says Tamara. Linda adds, “We can use our voice to bring people together and to connect them to important causes. We’re a conduit for people who wouldn’t otherwise come together.”
Fun Fact
For Linda, Terra Plata was literally a labor of love. From the bar stools that she crafted from salvaged wood, to oversight of the design and build out, there are endless examples of Linda's handiwork throughout the restaurant.
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