The Fat Hen is a cheerful neighborhood cafe. Owners Sammie and Cody Jeffs give diners a delicious start to their day, or keep them going with a satisfying lunch that features fresh, seasonal, local ingredients.

Sammie and Cody Jeffs began their life together at home in Utah, where Cody was training as a chef and Sammie worked in emergency services. When Cody received a job offer from renowned chef José Andrés, the couple moved to Las Vegas. This marked the beginning of their decade-plus journey working for some of the industry’s top restauranteurs.

Sammie and Cody relocated to Seattle, and after working with some of Seattle’ iconic chefs, they knew they wanted to try something of their own. When they learned that the The Fat Hen was available for purchase, it immediately felt right. Cody’s mother, his first culinary teacher and lover of chickens, had recently passed away. “I never thought I would have a restaurant named The Fat Hen, but it’s exactly what I needed,” Cody reflects. They dedicated the restaurant to his mother, and often put out sunflowers in her memory.

Once they established their own rhythm at The Fat Hen, the couple began taking steps to ensure that the restaurant reflected their core values. They removed avocados from the menu because of the environmental and human rights issues associated with their production and circulation. “We need to be a part of bringing awareness to the issue,” says Sammie. “I’m only willing to serve quality here,” adds Cody, “I’m not going to serve something I’m not proud of - that I can’t ethically stand behind.”

What Sammie and Cody love most about the restaurant is its sense of community. “This neighborhood is incredibly supportive of us,” beams Sammie. The couple is proud to offer a space for diners to unplug, untether, and experience genuine connections over a comforting meal. “We’re going to take care of people,” says Sammie, “and they’ll take care of us.”
Fun Fact
On an average weekday, The Fat Hen poaches between 350 and 400 eggs.
Business Owner
Sammie and Cody Jeffs

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