The Sarap Shop owners, Kristen Brillantes and JP Reyes, opened their food truck with a firm belief —  tastemakers are the facilitators of change. With the hope that their food could fuel meaningful connection, the two first-gen Filipino-Americans started serving their tasty treats to their SOMA neighbors — and it has truly taken off. There’s no question why, either. Take one look at their colorful halo halo milk tea (with adorable branding) or their mouthwatering Very Vegan Sisig Rice Bowl and you’ll immediately be struck with a powerful hunger. Trust us, you have to try it for yourself. The popular truck has earned itself a permanent, recurring spot at Parklab Gardens.

Fun fact: They also sell a sauce kit that includes a bottle of each of their scrumptious sauces!


Business Owner
Kristen Brillantes and JP Reyes

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