Head down to the Bellingham waterfront and find The Selkie Scoop serving cones from a blue-painted shipping container. Sisters Meika Ziels and Bryn Hubbard grew up helping out in their parents’ restaurant, the well-known Old Town Cafe, so they’re no strangers to the restaurant business. They had long-held the idea of starting an ice cream shop, and in 2021, they made their vision a reality.

Their ice cream is churned with ingredients from Straus Family Creamery, and energy-neutral organic dairy farm. Flavors include Lemon Poppyseed, Orange Chocolate Chip, and plant-based Chocolate made with coconut cashew milk. Each scoop is served in one of their freshly rolled, vegan waffle cones. 

Fun fact: In Celtic folklore, a Selkie is a mythological being with the ability to change from seal to human form!

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Media Ziels & Bryn Hubbard

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