In 2004, the Flemetakis family (Demetrios Flemetakis, Goergia Flemetakis, and Nikolaos Flemetakis) decided they were ready to share their special Greek recipes with their neighbors in Edmonds. As the restaurant has grown over the years, so has the menu and the space. What was once a three table establishment with a limited menu is now a full service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today, you’ll find a blend of Greek and traditional American dishes on the menu including gyros, burgers, souvlaki, sandwiches, and more. The food is spectacular, but ultimately, regulars love to visit Time Out Greek & American Restaurant because they’re treated like part of the family.

Business Owner
Demetrios Flemetakis, Goergia Flemetakis, Nikolaos Flemetakis

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