For Tijuana street food in Seattle, look no further than T’Juana Tacos. It operates as a take-out-only operation out of West Seattle, along with a food truck that travels across the Seattle area. 

Chef and owner Monica Rodriguez serves elevated, traditional Mexican street food inspired by her mother using organic and locally-grown ingredients. There’s something for everyone — T’Juana Tacos offers halal steak and chicken, and vegan and gluten-free options.

Monica has always been inspired by her parents’ true passion and dedication to family gatherings and traditional cooking. Monica’s mother, Juana, was born and raised in the countryside of Durango Mexico, with no electricity or running water. Just like her mother used to do when Monica was a child, everything at T’Juana Tacos is made fresh, from grinding corn for tortillas to braising halal beef over 8 hours to make delicious, juicy Birria. 

The restaurant is named after Juana to honor her influence on Monica’s cooking and for her humble way of introducing Monica to her heritage.

Bonus: Check out her food truck, and keep T’Juana Tacos in mind for your next catering need!

Business Owner
Monica Rodriguez

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