Tukwila Station Pharmacy is a beacon of community care and empowerment. Dr. Ahmed Ali and Dr. Abdi Athur founded the pharmacy in 2024 to reduce inequities in access, availability, and healthcare resources for the local community. Beyond providing essential pharmaceutical services, Tukwila Station Pharmacy fosters trust, cultural sensitivity, and mentorship. With a diverse staff fluent in multiple languages, they offer personal connections and community support, proving that independent pharmacies can be vital catalysts for improving overall well-being and health outcomes. From no-appointment-necessary vaccines to over-the-counter medicines, Tukwila Station Pharmacy is also a convenient stop before a trip out of SEA Airport.

Bonus: Dr. Ahmed Ali also founded Othello Station Pharmacy in 2018 in Rainier Valley. 

Business Owner
Ahmed Ali and Abdi Athur
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