Located in the heart of Bend, Oregon, Turtle Island Coffee is an Indigenous, queer, and Two-Spirit-owned cafe serving seasonal, locally-sourced fare and delicious coffee. Owners Beth Brady and Téh opened the spot in [year], seeking to create a safe space for those marginalized and othered in majority white, cisgendered, heteronormative-dominated spaces. They want Turtle Island Coffee to exist as a place of community and connection where individuals feel safe to exist, play, laugh, work, and be at ease. 

Enjoy bagels and rice bowls prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and fisheries. Be sure to pick up a bag of their coffee beans, cultivated and harvested in Honduras by the Lenca People, and roasted Chochenyo Ohlone Land (pre-colonized Oakland California), to take home! 

Fun Fact: The coffee shop’s name refers to a shared Indigenous story of creation: Once, before time and when the world was water, our universe existed on the back of a turtle, called Turtle Island. 

Business Owner
Beth Brady & Téh

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