Under the Umbrella is a cozy little bookstore dedicated to sharing and celebrating books written by LGBTQIA+ authors from around the world. Owner Kaitlyn Mahoney launched the bookstore in 2021, hoping to provide a safe, accessible, and inclusive space for the queer youth and adults of Salt Lake City.

Kaitlyn firmly believes everyone deserves to have their stories told, validated, and loved, and that’s exactly what Under the Umbrella seeks to do. Beyond the books, the space offers resources for connecting with other community members, a free library, a gender-affirming closet, and events like drag queen and king story hours, open mic nights, and tarot readings. Be sure to stop by their gallery space during your visit and view works by local queer artists. 

Head to their website to see upcoming events and volunteer opportunities!



Business Owner
Kaitlyn Mahoney

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