After Megan Walhood and Jeremy Daniels started dating, she introduced him to her family’s tradition of eating Norwegian potato lefse every Christmas. Jeremy saw the dish’s potential as a vehicle for street food, and in 2010 they purchased a trailer and opened Viking Soul food. Together, they prepare Scandinavian-inspired dishes with a modern edge using high-quality ingredients. 

In addition to their lefse, which can be ordered with sweet or savory fillings, Megan and Jeremy’s menu includes dishes like Norwegian meatballs and pølse, a wine-poached Swedish pork and potato sausage. Enjoy a side of beet salad or a hearty troll snack which consists of rye crackers topped with cheese spread, roasted garlic, and pickled cabbage. They also offer gluten-free options, so no diner is left out! 

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Megan May Walhood & Jeremy Brandon Ikaika Daniels
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