Khôi Phung and Hiền Dang are second-generation Vietnamese Americans who have been touched by Vietnamese coffee all their lives. Their goal at Voi Cà Phê, which opened in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood in 2022, is to showcase specialty coffee produced by Vietnamese farmers and roasters. They want the world to know how exceptional Vietnamese coffee can be. In doing so,  Khôi and Hiền honor the farmers who take great risks every growing season to cultivate and process their coffee to the highest quality standards. 

Bonus: Voi Cà Phê Is committed to sustainability because we are all connected to the land. They do this in little ways like serving coffee in compostable cups, using sweetened condensed milk that does not contain palm oil, and partnering with specialty coffee producers who use safer permaculture practices. 

Business Owner
Khôi Phung and Hiền Dang

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