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Want a bagel with a little more oomph? Carb up at Monica Dimas’ latest venture, Westman’s Bagel and Coffee. Yes, they stick pretty traditional with their flavors — everything, sesame, Maldon salt, pumpernickel, and cinnamon and currant. But there’s still plenty of room for everyone to get creative: You can load up your bagel with everything from lox and whitefish salad to dill and black pepper or honey and thyme schmears. (And, because it’s Seattle, they have a solid vegan schmear, too.)

Be sure to check out their original location in Capitol Hill!

Pro-tip: Head to Westman’s early on the weekend if you’re picky about your bagel toppings.

Business Owner
Monica Dimas & Molly Westman


  1. I love that this place also offer Challah bread! You do have to wait in line but worth the wait along the sidewalk that is accessible by several bus routes 🙂

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