Owned by Cindy and LeBlanc, White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails features a diversity of contemporary Southern cuisine.

Cindy LeBlanc started her career in finance and accounting. Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, she and her husband Alan founded their first restaurant, the oldest brewpub in Georgia, more than 20 years ago.

As she thought about the concept that would eventually become White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, she wanted to pay homage to her mother and great Southern cooking. Cindy and her team knew that the area was indeed of a restaurant that could offer event space and private dining, and White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails debuted in 2012, transforming a space in downtown Atlanta that had been vacant for 10 years. The restaurant boasts a female executive chef, Meg Brent, and Cindy is careful to emphasize her passion for training and developing the staff, and the benefit that having both restaurants offers in terms of opportunities for advancement.

Cindy is proud of her team's commitment to the local Atlanta community, serves on multiple boards, and ensures that her businesses reflect her belief that if everyone does just a little bit, the impact can be transformational.

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