Tucked away in the historic 100-year-old Conductor’s Building, Wusong Road Tiki Bar is a celebration of the Chinese American restaurant culture in Shanghai where owner Jason Doo grew up. 

Wusong Road, which opened in late 2021, is named after the first train building located in Chef Jason’s family’s hometown. The restaurant tells the culinary love story of Asian American Cuisine and tropical Tiki escapism that was central to Cambridge, Massachusetts, however, the design and feel of the space purposely exclude the totems and imagery from Maori mythology often appropriated in Tiki bars. 

Pop in to enjoy curated Asian-inspired tapas crafted by Chef-owner Jason Doo, Chefs Sergio Enqriuez, and Diana Reza! 

Tip: If you’re looking for a drink to get the night started, locals say the Zombie packs a punch!  

Business Owner
Jason Doo

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