Black History Month 2024
Artwork by: Jessie Lipscomb

In February, as we continue to #SpendLikeItMatters, putting our collective thumb on the scales of economic justice, Black History Month 2024 is also a time for joy and celebration.

We worked with Seattle-based artist Jessie Lipscomb (Momma Lips Draws) to create this year’s Black History Month art.

“I’ve been a Creative practically all my life but only recently started exploring the painting world, therefore expanding my practice. In the last year, I’ve gone back to my roots of drawing & developed my own drawing style which is heavily inspired by my own kids. I wanted to capture their childlike movement & as a result, capture their joy. When Intentionalist reached out to me to design for their Black History campaign, not only was I flattered, but I knew I wanted to capture shopping Black businesses in this style. I also wanted to depict different ways of shopping – all possible ways people shop. I’m honored to be chosen to help support Black businesses like my own & others in the community. Shopping ‘small’, minority & local results in actual happy dances (some you get to see in person) but it hits differently when you know you’re helping a local person pay a bill rather than just another sale for a corporation.”

Black-owned small businesses are special places in our communities where people come together and lift up one another, whether to celebrate, organize, or simply connect in a safe and inclusive space.

Seattle Professional Sports Team Logos

We’ve teamed up with Seattle Reign, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Kraken, Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Storm, and the Seattle Mariners to encourage fans and friends to explore and #SpendLikeItMatters in support of the Black-owned small businesses at the heart of our communities.

Receipt & Receive

Upload your receipts when you #SpendLikeItMatters at Black-owned businesses, and you’ll get a chance to win prizes from some of your favorite Seattle sports teams. Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Storm, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Reign, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Kraken, and Intentionalist want to encourage the community to buy from local Black-owned small businesses throughout Black History Month and beyond.

This year, our goal is to collectively spend $40,000 — help us reach our goal by uploading your receipts today!

Black History Month Small Business Pass

We’ve teamed up with Visit Seattle on a Black History Month Small Business Pass, featuring treats and discounts at 10 Black-owned businesses throughout Seattle. Sign up to be notified as soon as the pass is live!

Black History Month Marketplace

Our Black History Month Marketplace includes a variety of items from 40+ Black-owned small businesses. Explore gift certificates, self-care services, and more, and check back often, as new items are being added every day!

Black Black Friday Card

The Black Black Friday Card is a “better-than-a-gift-card” that can be used at 100+ Greater Seattle Black-owned businesses.

Get or gift a Black Black Friday Card and save 20% thanks to BECU:

  • $25 Black Black Friday Card costs only $20
  • $50 Black Black Friday Card costs only $40
  • $100 Black Black Friday Card costs only $80
  • $500 Black Black Friday Card costs only $400

We’re also celebrating Black History Month with BECU. Learn more about the Equity in Action small business tabs and how BECU members can enjoy free eats and treats from Black-owned small businesses.

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook as we announce additional ways we’re celebrating Black History Month throughout February!

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