AG Family Farm owner Arturo Guerrero greets a customer at a Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market.

Get to know your local BIPOC businesses at Seattle Farmers Markets today!

Some of our fall traditions are coming and going with a little less fanfare than usual, but there are still safe ways to celebrate this beautiful fall season even as winter approaches. Washington’s beautiful autumn season brings about a bounty of fall fruits, vegetables, and other natural goodies. ‘Tis the season to enjoy fresh acorn squash, pumpkin, celery, eggplant, pears, and more! 

Ready to get up to some fall fun? Enjoy seasonal shopping and #SpendLikeItMatters at the University District Farmers Market on Saturdays, or the West Seattle Farmers Market and the Capitol Hill Farmers Market on Sundays. 

Before you go, read up about some of the talented and hardworking BIPOC business owners you’ll meet at the market! Oh, and be sure to wear a mask 🙂

AG Family Farm, owned by Arturo Guerrero 


Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

In 1998, Arturo Guerrero purchased 75 acres of land in Quincy, Washington. Today, he sells organic peaches, apricots, nectarines, prunes, plums, cherries, pie cherries, and apples at farmers market stands in Seattle! Yum, right? The AG Family Farm motto is “From Our Hands to Yours.” And once you get your hands on their amazing fruits, you’ll keep coming back. 

Alvarez Organic Farms, owned by Hilario Alvarez #LatinxOwned

Find them at and University District (Saturdays) and Capitol Hill and West Seattle (Sundays)

For Hilario Alvarez, farming is in his blood! Growing up in Michocan, Mexico, he and his siblings helped out on his family’s farm. After moving to Washington in 1981 in search of a more prosperous future, Alvarez worked to purchase 80 acres of land in the lower Yakama Valley. Since the business began, Alvarez has been conscious of its environmental impact, and installed a state-of-the-art irrigation system in 2014! 

Fun fact: Alvarez Organic Farms donates the majority of their leftover product to food banks in the Puget Sound area! 

Big Brother Farms, owned by Inez Barraza-Garcia #LatinxOwned #WomanOwned

Find them at Capitol Hill and West Seattle (Sundays)

Nestled in Skagit County, farmer Inez Barraza Garcia and her family work hard to bring beautiful goodies to Washington markets. Known for their juicy summer berries and elegant wintertime wreaths and centerpieces, Big Brother Farms is a beloved farmer’s market staple. The Barazza family continues to build relationships and loving community around their produce and goods made with love! 

Blong’s Garden, owned by Blong Cha #AsianOwned 

Find them at University District (Saturdays) and West Seattle (Sundays) 

If you’re looking for a way to say ‘I love you’ — to yourself or a special someone — a fresh bouquet of flowers is sheer perfection! Especially when they’re picked and arranged by Blong’s Garden. Owned by Blong Cha, not only does Blong’s Garden sell gorgeous bouquets, they’re also known to sell fresh vegetables and herbs. Pick up some veggies for roasting and flowers to set the table and call it a dinner date! 

Cabrera Farms, owned by Francisco Cabrera #LatinxOwned

Find them at University District (Saturdays) 

Cabrera Farms is a family affair — with the whole family hard at work at different facets of the business from marketing and education to manning the market stands. Known for their delicious, organic fruits and vegetables, Francisco Cabrera and his family sell a bounty of zucchini, winter and summer squash, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, lettuce, and more. The inspiration for their hard work? The bright futures of their young children Belen and Aidet! 

Canales Produce, owned by Manual Canales #LatinxOwned

Find them at University District (Saturdays) and West Seattle (Sundays) 

Canales Produce has been growing robust, organic crops since 1994. As believers in land stewardship and healthy food, Manual Canales and his family support sustainable, high quality farming. In the spring, you can enjoy their phenomenal asparagus. In the summer, stop by for their bounty of strawberries, blackberries, and grapes!  

Chao Chang Garden, owned by Chao Chang #AsianOwned

Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

During a rough week, there’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten your day! Colorful arrangements are Chao Chang’s specialty. Mixing multiple varieties of beautiful flowers that vary from season to season, be sure to look out for Chao Chang Garden at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market every Sunday! 

Cyrus Saffron, owned by Nicole Beretha and Darush Amiri #FamilyOwned #POCOwned

Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

If you’ve enjoyed saffron rice or another dish seasoned with the decadent spice, you’ll understand its allure. Owners Nicole Beretha and Darush Amiri can trace their expertise of how to grow the luxurious spice back to Darush’s family who grew it in Iran. Their Chelan farm, Cyrus Saffron, is named lovingly after their son, Cyrus. In addition to the Capitol Hill Farmers Market, you can find their saffron at The Pink Door, Pike Place Market, Lola, and more! 

El Chito, owned by Marlo Aguilar #LatinxOwned 

Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

If you’re a tamale-lover, just the thought of the warm masa is enough to make your mouth water. In 2011, Marlo Aguilar opened his own organic tamale business, El Chito, to sell at farmers markets in Seattle and Tacoma. El Chito sources their ingredients from local farmers including fellow farmers market friendly face, Alvarez Organic Farms! 

Farias Farm, owned by Juan Farias, Sergio Farias, and Francisco Farias #LatinxOwned #FamilyOwned

Find them at University District (Saturdays) 

Brothers Juan, Sergio, and Franscisco Farias were born and raised in Michoacan, Mexico. When they moved to Washington State, the three started work in agriculture before eventually opening their own farm! Farias Farm is certified organic and uses sustainable farming practice. Their motto? They’ll only grow and distribute the type of food they would feed their families. No pesticides or chemicals, just good, clean food. Stop by and take home some of their butternut squash, celery, kale, onions, and more! 

Harbor Herbalist, owned by Sarah Farr #WomanOwned #POCOwned 

Find them at University District (Saturdays) 

Nestled in Port Orchard, Washington, you’ll find Orchard Botanicals, a refugia for hundreds of species of edible and medicinal plants. Owner Sarah Farr is an expert herbalist, permaculture farmer, ecologist, and tea connoisseur who produces Harbor Herbalist teas in small batches. Not only do her herbal teas promote health and wellness, they help Farr support local activist organizations and progressive political movements. Also — as a commitment to sustainability — all of their product packaging is compostable. 

Indian Candy, owned by William Spoonhunter #NativeOwned

Find them at University District (Saturdays) and Capitol Hill and West Seattle (Sundays) 

This Native-owned salmon business is committed to honoring the spirit of the salmon, one of the most sacred foods. Owner and expert fisherman William Spoonhunter is the heart behind the enterprise, responsible for its fresh and delicious offerings. When you come upon his stall at local farmers markets, you’ll find bright fillets of smoked and fresh Chinook king salmon, just waiting for you to take them home! 

K and C Farms, owned by Kevin Achelpohl and Christina Achelpohl #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned #LatninxOwned

Find them at West Seattle (Sundays) 

Ever heard of Mattawa, Washington? It’s a small town — not a single stop light. But nestled right near the little town is a sweet farm owned by Kevin and Christina Achelpohl. K&C Farms is a beautiful orchard farm that’s host to succulent nectarines, plums, and peaches. They also grow beautiful cucumbers and tomatoes! The two were both entranced by farming at a young age, and love being able to see people’s faces light up when they taste their phenomenal produce! Bonus — they make fantastic, swoon-worthy jams! 

Lee Lor Garden, owned by Lee Lor and Blia Lor #AsianOwned #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

Find them at University District (Saturdays) and West Seattle (Sundays) 

When the Neighborhood Farmers Markets began 20 years ago, Lee Lor Garden was one of their first vendors. Blia and Lee Lor immigrated to the United States after the end of the Vietnam War. A decade later, the two opened their own special farm in 1994! Today, Lee Lor Garden is known for its specialty produce including African spinach (amaranth, managu), Chinese spinach (ong choy), bitter melon (Likok eggplants), and Asian cucumbers. They also sell delicious pears and apples and fragrant bouquets of flowers.  

Lesedi Farm, owned by Dorcas Young #BlackOwned #WomanOwned 

Find them at University District (Saturdays) and West Seattle (Sundays) 

In Tswana, Lesedi means ‘sunlight,’ a necessary ingredient for this beautiful micro-farm on Whidbey Island. Owner Dorcas Young was born and raised on a 500-acre farm in Botswana alongside cows, chicken, sheep, donkeys, millet, sweet potatoes, and cassava. In 1996, Dorcas moved to the U.S. with her husband and seeds from her family farm in Botswana. Shortly thereafter, Lesedi Farm was born. In addition to fantastic African produce, the farm also sells a delicious range of hot foods, sauces, and kate chips! 

Mair Farm-Taki, owned by Katsumi Taki #AsianOwned 

Find them at University District (Saturdays) 

Oh, man — Mair Farm-Taki is something incredibly special. Thanks to this Yakima Valley farm, a bounty of fresh and candied ginger, chestnuts, unique greens, many varieties of plums, yuzu, and Japanese cucumbers arrive at the University District Farmers Market every weekend. Farmer Katsumi Taki is the brilliant man behind this treasured stall and his passion for farming began nestled inside his passion for teaching — as he taught gardening to orphans in Okinawa, Japan. Then, he moved to the U.S. and ran a similar youth farming program in Yakima. Today, you’ll still find a twinkle of education in your conversations with Taki — if you stick around and ask some questions. 

Mariposa Farm, owned by Joaquin and Lis Lopez #LatinxOwned #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

Find them at West Seattle (Sundays) 

Whenever you eat produce purchased from Mariposa Farm, there’s a good chance it was picked by the owners, Lis and Joaquin Lopez! Lis and Joaquin are the only full time employees on their farm. Mariposa Farm had its beginnings in 2014, after a long journey from Mexico, to Washington farms, to owning their own land in Everson! Their regular crops include delicious berries and hearty vegetables. Fun fact: 90% of Mariposa Farms’ income comes from Farmers Market sales! 

PK Garden, owned by Pa Yang #AsianOwned

Find them at West Seattle (Sundays) 

West Seattle flocks to the farmers market each weekend in search of something extra special from PK Garden. Owner Pa Yang arranges creative bunches of fragrant, seasonal flowers for market goers every week and they make the perfect centerpieces and gifts for special occasions! 

Seeking Kombucha, owned by Jeanette Macias #POCOwned #LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned 

Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

Kombucha has risen greatly in popularity in the last number of years, and for good reason. The health benefits of the fizzy probiotic drink are fantastic. That’s what brought Seeking Kombucha owner Jeanette Macias to the kombucha market, anyway. Used to suffering with intense stomach problems, everything changed when Macias started drinking kombucha everyday. With the help of her wife, Lyz, she’s made all sorts of creative ‘booch’ flavors and sells it all around Seattle! 

Skagit River Ranch, owned by Eiko and George Vojkovich #AsianOwned #FamilyOwned 

Find them at University District (Saturdays) 

Not only is it better for the planet to buy organic, grass-fed, local meat, it tastes better too! At Skagit River Ranch, Eiko and George Vojkovich don’t use antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, or animal byproducts. They grow grass, legumes, and herbs right on site to feed their Wagyu and Angus cattle. They’ve been certified organic since 1998 and continue to delight locals with sustainable, healthy meat and fresh eggs! 

Teng’s Garden, owned by Teng Yang #AsianOwned 

Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

Owned by Teng Yang 

Teng’s Garden is a beautiful flower and vegetable farm in Snohomish, Washington. With the help of seven hands, owner Teng Yang tends to beds of daffodils, dahlias, and irises for sale at local markets. Additionally, you’ll find they grow the freshest seasonal vegetables including tasty bolero carrots, snap peas, and more! The mighty farm started with just one acre and has grown to eight! 

Windy Acre Farm, owned by Chris Scartozzi #POCOwned #LGBTQOwned 

Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

This mixed vegetable farm is a unique place, often home to dozens of chickens — and its owner is just as unique. Chris Scartozzi is just 25-years-old and started his career farming in Enumclaw at just 15! He was inspired by the poor quality of hospital food during his mother’s battle with cancer — he knew he could grow high-quality food and improve options for local communities. With the help of his husband and his pup, Windy Acre Farms is a phenomenal success. Stop by to pick up some of their peppers, beans, root vegetables, and more! 

Yer Lor Garden, owned by Yer Lor #AsianOwned

Find them at Capitol Hill (Sundays) 

Lettuce, cabbage, snap peas, and brilliant flowers line the table when you walk up to the Yer Lor Garden stall at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market. Depending on the season, you might find peonies, sunflowers, or lilies sprinkled in their delightful bouquets! Owner Yer Lor is the friendly face and flower expert behind this lovely shop and continues to delight locals with gorgeous floral arrangements. 

Get to know your local BIPOC businesses at Seattle Farmers Markets today!

By Haley Witt

Denver, CO

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