Bookworms, book lovers, and bibliophiles rejoice — we’ve curated a list of 10 must-reads for bookworms across a variety of genres.

Birchbark Books, gift guide for bookworms

“There There” by Tommy Orange, $16

Birchbark Books #NativeOwned #WomanOwned

This funny, fierce, and heartbreaking novel tells the story of Native identity in the U.S. through 12 characters traveling to the Big Oakland Powwow.

Cafe Con Libros, gift guide for bookworms

Beloved” by Toni Morrison, $14.72

Cafe Con Libros #BlackOwned #LatinoOwned #WomanOwned

The great Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” is a spellbinding classic about a family of former slaves whose home is haunted by a malevolent spirit.

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Estelita's Library, gift guide for bookworms

“The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett, $24.84

Estelita’s Library #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

This New York Times bestseller follows the lives of twin sisters who choose to live two different lives, one black and one white. Brit Bennett’s sophomore novel examines sisterhood, Black identity, and parenthood in this thoughtful, page-turning novel.

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Harriett's Bookshop, gift guide for bookworms

“Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know” by Malcom Gladwell, $27.60

Harriett’s Bookshop #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

Malcom Gladwell’s most recent release studies the many ways we fail to understand each other and the consequences it has on the world. Gladwell discusses Fidel Castro, Sandra Bland, the trial of Amanda Knox, and more in this powerful analysis about our interactions with strangers.

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Loyalty Bookstore, gift guide for bookworms

Book Bundle, $75

Loyalty Bookstore #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

Want to give the bookworm in your life some variety? After filling out a questionnaire, Loyalty Bookstore will send a curated book bundle filled with hardcovers, paperbacks, and other goodies to keep your bookworm busy.

Palabras Bookstore, gift guide for bookworms

“A Time For Mercy” by John Grisham, $29.95

Palabras Bookstore #LatinoOwned #WomanOwned

“A Time For Mercy” is the perfect novel for suspense lovers The plot-twist filled courtroom drama follows Jake Brigance, an attorney for a 16-year-old boy accused of murdering a local deputy. But things aren’t as they seem as Brigance dives into the case (dun dun dun).

Ada's Technical Books & Cafe, gift guide for bookworms

“Dune” by Frank Herbert, $18

Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

Frank Herbert’s “Dune” is a classic sci-fi read for book lovers of any genre. The story is about Paul Atreides, heir to a noble family of a barren world, and covers adventure, mysticism, environmentalism, and politics.

Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books, gift guide for bookworms

“Annihilation” by Jeff Vandermeer, $13.80

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books #BlackOwned

“Annihilation,” now a major motion picture, is a page-turning psychological thriller about the expedition of four women as they encounter a massive topographic anomaly called Area X.

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Book Larder, gift guide for bookworms

“Be My Guest” by Priya Basil, $19.95

Book Larder #WomanOwned

In this food memoir meets examination on what it means to tend to others and ourselves, author Priya Basil explores how we use food to express love and support for the people and community around us.

KOBO at Higo, gift guide for bookworms

Journaling Kit, $42

KOBO at Higo #AsianOwned #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

KOBO at Higo’s journaling kit includes a copy of “How Your Story Sets You Free,” a writing utensil, and journal to help bookworms get started on telling their own stories.


Bonus Gift!

If you live in the Seattle area, give the gift of a gift certificate to a local business! You can purchase a gift certificate from 50+ participating businesses by visiting our Gift Certificate Marketplace.

For bookworms, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe. There, they have a variety of books they can choose from all while supporting a small business.

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