We’re taking the guesswork out of giving the perfect gift for your partner. Here are 10 gifts your partner is sure to appreciate, whether they’re a lover of coffee, tea, art, or baking.

National Etching, gift guide for your partner



Custom Nucleated Beer Pints, Set of 2, $29.99

National Etching #WomanOwned

This personalized set of nucleated pint glasses will keep you beer-loving partner’s drinks fresher and fizzier for longer.


Helen Rose Skincare, gift guide for your partner



Helen Rose Essentials Full Size Gift Set, $60

Helen Rose Skincare #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

Make sure your partner is well taken care of with Helen Rose’s all-natural, vegan, eco-friendly skincare products. The Cupuaçu Butter is perfect for soothing pesky dry, winter skin.


Elm Candle Bar, gift guide for your partner

11oz Candle Home Kit 2-pack, $72

Elm Candle Bar #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

Cozy up with your partner for a night of candle DIY-ing. Customize you and your partner’s candles with a variety of scents and enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward!


Calabash Tea & Tonic, gift guide for your partner

Calabash Tea Gift Tote, $29.99

Calabash Tea & Tonic #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

As temperatures begin to fall, there’s nothing more comforting than a piping hot cup of tea. This specialty tea and tote gift set is ideal for your tea-loving partner, whether they’re into herbal, chai, green, or black teas.


Palabras Bookstore, gift guide for your partner

Dessert For Two: Small Batch Cookies, Brownies, Pies, and Cakes, $29.95

Palabras Bookstore #LatinoOwned #WomanOwned

Never let another cake or cookie go to waste this sweet cookbook for two. If your partner loves to bake but often has more leftovers than they can manage, these scaled-back recipes offer the perfect compromise.


Boona Boona Coffee, gift guide for your partner

Boon Boona Roasted Coffee Monthly Subscription, $34 each month

Boon Boona Coffee #BlackOwned

Add a little variety to your partner’s daily brew with Boon Boona Coffee’s monthly coffee subscription.

Bezel & Kiln, gift guide for your partner

Leather and Blackwood Watch, $132

Bezel & Kiln #AsianOwned #WomanOwned

This sleek, blackwood and leather watch is the perfect everyday accessory for your partner.

The Handmade Showroom, gift guide for your partner

Star Map Cardholder, $48

The Handmade Showroom #MinorityOwned #WomanOwned

This gift was written in the stars. Give your partner this leather star map wallet to help them carry their essentials without all the bulk.

The Cura Co., gift guide for your partner

Signs of the Zodiac Earrings, $18

The Cura Co. #AsianOwned #WomanOwned

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Your partner will rock their zodiac sign with this pair of sterling silver earrings made with nontoxic, recycled silver.


Watercolor Paint Set, $19.95

The Works #WomanOwned

Whether your partner is an experienced artist or looking to take up a new hobby, this portable water color set will give them everything they need to unleash their inner artist.


Bonus Gift!

If you live in the Seattle area, give the gift of a gift certificate to a local business! You can purchase a gift certificate from 50+ participating businesses by visiting our Gift Certificate Marketplace.

For your partner, we recommend Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery. It’s the perfect place to pick prints, accessories, postcards, and more from local artists that fit your partner’s style.

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