We spoke with Latinx small business owners of Artillery AG, Iván Lopez and Kelly Ortega, to discuss their favorite local San Francisco businesses for Latinx Heritage Month. Explore Iván and Kelly’s go-to spots and recommendations for local San Francisco below and in Intentionalist’s Apple Guides.

Artillery AG

“Within Artillery AG + Ceramics many people do not know but we are home to a photographer and painter,” says Lopez and Ortega. “Then we are home to over 50 ceramics artist. [Ivan Lopez] does painting and sculpting with clay to represent the Earth! He is now creating water irrigation vessels for gardens and planters!” Artillery AG blossomed in 2009 as founders and artists Iván Lopez and Alexa Treviño set out to establish a creative gallery that is now run by Iván and Kelly Ortega.

Arizmendi Bakery

“A worker owned bakery that values social justice and local community. With a mindfulness for natural resources and amazing, affordable foods [such as morning pastries, artisan breads, and gourmet pizza] while at the same time creating a democratic, supportive workspace. What more could you look for in a business?” says Lopez and Ortega. “You can catch us here getting our panisto and pizza slices way too much.”

Abanico Coffee Roasters

Ana Valle, the owner and founder of Abanico Coffee Roasters, cannot remember a time when coffee was not a part of her life, from family traditions to her ties to the coffee cultivating country of El Salvador. Ana is committed to providing quality by sourcing a fine global selection of specialty coffee, roast in small batches, and develop roasts for each unique coffee. “A new spot to get our cafe de olla, which is rare to find, and some specialty Salvadorian drinks!” adds Lopez and Ortega.

Mission Community Market

“This is our Neighborhood farmers market on Thursdays 3-7pm at 22nd and Bartlett Streets in SF Mission District,” says Lopez and Ortega. “It’s keeping our local farmers going with direct support instead of shopping at larger chain market stores.”

Osito Restaurant

This is the place to “experience a different type of dining experience you will never forget,” says Lopez and Ortega. “[With] distinct menus every night and open fire grilling.” For Seth Stowaway, the owner of Ositio Restaurant, his fine-dining restaurant is about warmth and the feeling of being cared for absolutely from the first greeting to the last goodbye. The service is elegant and friendly, as if you were at a dinner party with friends who love to celebrate over food and drink.

Evolved SF

“We love to see new energy and artists coming from the neighborhood to support the neighborhood,” says Lopez and Ortega. “[Evolved SF is] the new local culture creators on 24th Street running an art gallery/clothing store.” Founded by Thalia Leon and Fernando Ramirez, Evolved SF hosts and organizes various creative projects as well as selling art, clothing, jewelry, and other handmade crafts in their shop. Thalia and Fernando regularly feature other BIPOC, queer, and women artists in their gallery.

The Plant Fairies

Rye Lopez believes good design starts with plants. With that in mind, Rye created The Plant Fairies to help their customers create a thriving natural environment in their office, home, or retail space. “Small business support other small businesses,” says Lopez and Ortega. “This is a Queer-owned plant design studio and shop that has rare plant finds and does indoor design consulting for plants.”


Naz Khorram’s adventurous spirit as an artist, metalsmith, horticulturist, event curator and more inspired them to start Arcana in 2019, ten years after they fled Iran and sought asylum in San Francisco. As they designed Arcana they strived for perfection and welcomed imperfection, Naz sees beauty in both. “We have a love for plants and ‘mystical’ living rooms,” says Lopez and Ortega. “[Arcana is] a go to for rare finds. And a cafe is coming soon too. We cannot wait to see what they create.”

Elite Sports Soccer

Driven by an infectious passion for soccer, the Lopez family opened Elite Sport Soccer in 1989.  For more than two decades, the bilingual staff has celebrated their longtime relationship with the vast array of communities and soccer fans throughout the Bay Area. “Ivan is a soccer fanatic and has supported this family-owned business since he was a kiddo being raised in the Mission District,” says Lopez and Ortega. “[Elite Sports Soccer is a] mom-and-pop shop for all things soccer!”

The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.

“Local herbal apothecary where we go for all things wellness and plant magic. Sometimes it feels like a meditation to go pick our herbal goodies,” says Lopez and Ortega.

Enjoy these favorite local San Francisco businesses and then explore the rest of our Apple Guides to find more curated lists that highlight the favorite local businesses of Latinx business owners in Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York.

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