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Juntos Latinx is the theme we selected to drive our celebration of Latinx Heritage Month this year, and we are incredibly excited to launch an economic allyship initiative, Juntos Con Latinx, with the support of five Seattle businesses: Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Stoup Brewing, The London Plane, and Trophy Cupcakes.

Last year, in a gesture of support for local women-owned businesses, Cupcake Royale offered a discount to customers who presented a receipt from women-owned businesses near their cupcake shops. They used Intentionalist’s directory to identify the businesses, and we were thrilled by their leadership and economic allyship.

To continue our celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, Juntos Con Latinx, encourages members of the community to support Latinx-owned businesses, and then present a receipt at a participating partner from October 9-15 to receive a special discount.


Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

“We’re participating in Juntos Con Latinx because we believe it’s so important to support our Latinx community and fight for equity in any way that we can. Supporting Latinx owned businesses will help close the wage gap and raise awareness. October 29 is Latina Equal Pay Day, the day an average Latina has to work until she has made what the average white man made the year before. This is unacceptable and needs to change!”

Offer: 20% off your order

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

As a business owner I have been fortunate to have so many doors opened for me, which is why I am passionate about doing my part to support other business owners in the community. We’re proud to participate in Juntos Con Latinx to encourage our community to support Latinx-owned businesses throughout Latinx Heritage Month and beyond.

Offer: 20% off your order

Stoup Brewing

“We are proud to participate in a program that promotes equity and highlights diverse businesses in our community.”

Offer: Receive a sticker and $1 off of a pint of consumed at Stoup or a sticker and $2 off a beer-to-go purchase. 

The London Plane

“We stand in solidarity with our Latinx community to support them and our fellow small business owners!”

Offer: 10% discount on all purchases

Trophy Cupcakes

“We are participating in Juntos Con Lantinx to help spread love and support in the local Lantinx business community. If we all #spendlikeitmatters we can make a huge impact on equality in our communities.” 

Offer: 20% off your order

**If you are a brick + mortar business owner and would like to join Juntos Con Latinx as a partner business prior to October 9, please fill out this form, and we’ll follow up with you.

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