Noah Chabot is a high school student who helped research LGBTQ-owned businesses for Intentionalist.

High school student, Noah Chabot spent two weeks with us helping to research LGBTQ-owned businesses for addition to our directory. At the conclusion of his project we had a chance to ask him a few questions about his experience at Intentionalist.

What have you learned about Intentionalist? What do you think is most interesting about Intentionalist?
I think what Intentionalist is doing is great, and it was very interesting to learn about and get an insight into the inner workings of the company.

Why do you like/value small businesses?
I think that they add value and personality to the neighborhoods they’re in. Walking into a small business is like walking into a snapshot of somebody’s life. They give us opportunities to learn and grow as human beings, and they can also provide a space for people to get to know one another. If everyone stayed home and bought things off of Amazon, none of that would happen. They also have really good products!

What was it like to work on a project for a mission-driven startup like Intentionalist?
It was really fun. I had a great experience researching small businesses to add to Intentionalist’s directory. Overall it was very informing and I had a great time!

How will your experience with Intentionalist impact you beyond this research project?
I think my experience with Intentionalist will make me think more about how to support small, queer-owned businesses (that’s what I spent the most time researching). It has definitely already made me more aware of minority owned shops, restaurants, and the like in the Seattle area, and I’m excited to visit some that I looked into.

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