Amy and Aarthy, co-founders of Mama Bar

Being a parent, and a mother in particular, dramatically transforms how we walk through life. Once you have a little one to care for, it’s no wonder that your priorities shift. This transition can be hard to navigate, especially in a world that often values the grind over relationships and profit over passion. 

However, we believe that being a mother, and a business owner to boot, gives you a special kind of superpower. Motherhood helps fuel businesses and passions, and can help womxn pursue their dreams. It forces you to hone in on your who, your what, and your why – core principles to running any business. 

At Om Mama Co., we like to celebrate this secret sauce. We believe that being a mom can be the key to making her business magic. That’s why we are collaborating with Intentionalist as we gear up for Mother’s Day 2021. We are sharing all about how motherhood shapes and impacts careers, and how we as consumers can support the remarkable gift of mom-owned-businesses. 

We are showcasing the mom-owned businesses in our communities (be sure to check out Intentionalist’s post on these businesses!) and hope that you’ll support them with your dollars, comments, likes and shares. Follow Om Mama Co. on Instagram (@ommamaco) to learn more about our Collective members that are mom business owners (and those that serve parents!), browse our Collective directory at and join our free online community for parents to get connecting! 

Let’s Talk Motivation 

One thing I hear time and time again from mom business owners, and parents in general, is about their increased sense of prioritization + motivation. Parents often only have a few hours a day, or maybe even a week, to dedicate to their craft. Lack of time combined with the high cost of childcare can also lead to a renewed sense of urgency and focus. 

Early in my own pregnancy, I felt the overwhelming exhaustion that often comes during the first trimester, but I also felt a strong motivation to continue to pursue my career, and provide for my growing family. 

“In many ways, my kids are THE spark behind my career pivot and current path. Since becoming a mom, I have reevaluated my personal priorities and benchmarks for success. I want my kids to see me prioritizing my family, my joy and my health. I’ve made some big changes in my life to implement those priorities, not the least of which was starting my business.” Laura Jawad, personal trainer and birth doula 

Stephanie Hunter Dines, reiki master

Motherhood + Entrepreneurship

Many careers are born and shaped out of motherhood – spurred by time constraints and limitations, or shifts in passion. Some choose entrepreneurship for its perceived flexibility, something that is essential today for a working mom. Others choose to pursue a business based on their desire to foster a deeper connection to their family, or their cultural roots. 

“Becoming a mother gave me the grace and courage to design my life. I created a work, home and life with a mission and a vision.” – Allison F., Body Motion PT, pelvic floor physical therapist 

Instead of focusing on the mythical “work-life balance” and juggling two separate areas of their lives, mom business owners are able to find a deeper connection to their work, bring their biz-owner skills home, and integrate purpose in each aspect of their life. We weave our intention seamlessly from home to office, blurring lines with our passion. Just as there is no “off” switch in parenting, there is also no “off” switch in being a business owner. Parenting and running a business simultaneously stretch, challenge and grow us as people, ultimately helping us become better at both roles. The magic behind many mom-owned businesses comes from moms bringing their unique perspectives, motivations and gifts to the table.

Solving Pain Points for Others 

Moms are extremely adept at noticing a need, and doing whatever they can to solve that need for others. They are givers at their core, and want to help make the road easier for the moms coming up behind them. 

“As moms themselves Amy and Aarthy recognized the importance of supporting other moms. Women are multitasking more than ever and are looking for simple solutions they can trust especially when pregnant or facing the demands of life with a newborn.” Amy K. and Aarthy L., co-founders of Mama Bar

Like Amy and Aarthy, Davia and her sister, Suzanne, also recognized a lack in the market as parents themselves. As busy moms of babies born just two days apart, they couldn’t find a way to make an easy baby memory book – and went on to create an app to solve it! This venture also helped scratch Davia’s creative itch, and provide fulfillment as a corporate employee turned stay-at-home mom. 

“After having my firstborn, I reentered corporate and my coworkers expected everything to be the same, but it was not. My baby was now my passion, my inspiration, the meaning to life.” Davia B., co-founder of the Baby Notebook app

Deepening Passions

As a family photographer, the baby that is now inside me has already fueled the love and purpose in my work – which I can only imagine will grow as I become a parent myself. I feel a greater sense of connection when I pose a pregnant person and can use my own small bump to demonstrate how to place their hands. I can better appreciate, and document, that sense of wonder, hope and anticipation. 

“Becoming a Mother made me softer. Softer in a way that my energetic field was more porous. I was feeling more, and connecting to what was outside of myself. I had practiced Reiki for almost my entire life, but I didn’t fully understand it until I became a Mother.” – Stephanie H. D., reiki master

What We Need 

What mom business owners need right now from the community is grace, support and understanding. Grace as they navigate motherhood and running a business, especially during such unprecedented and challenging times. 

Support by spending-like-it-matters – year round. Seek out mom-owned businesses (with special help from these posts!), and show them love with your dollars, comments, likes and shares. Next time you’re looking for wellbeing, fitness and photography businesses in the Seattle area, check out the Om Mama Co. resources & join our free parenting community!

Finally, understand how being a mom has fueled and shaped their business. The motivation that has gotten them to where they are, the sacrifices they have made along the way, and the problems they are solving for us to reap the benefits. Many of these businesses are what they are because they are owned by mothers, and that is truly magic. 

About Om Mama Co. 

Om Mama Co. was founded in Seattle by family photographer, Meredith McKee Ruth, in September 2018. Our unique community offers resources, events and workshops that support and empower womxn throughout their motherhood journey. The Om Mama Collective is a network of businesses eager to serve the needs of womxn + moms through wellbeing, fitness and photography. Anyone can explore our resources and join our free community at, and follow along on Instagram @ommamaco. 

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