Update as of March 15, 2020 – 2:00 PM — We have received clarification that Grubhub is deferring, not eliminating commissions on delivery orders from independent restaurants. As a result, we will resume calling on all of the previously named food delivery companies to do more to support independent businesses. Grubhub also mentioned in their email to customers today that they are setting up the Grubhub Community Relief Fund, which will be funded by consumers Donate The Change contributions.

Update as of March 13, 2020 – 12:00 PM — Grubhub has announced that they are dropping commissions on delivery orders from independent restaurants.

Dear Caviar, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats,

The impact of the coronavirus on independent restaurants has already been devastating, leading to significant loss of sales, reduced shifts, and even closure.

At a time when everyone – community members, government, and small businesses are stepping up to mitigate the impact, we urge you to do your part and reduce the commissions and fees you charge to small business owners in cities where a state of emergency has been declared.

Small business owners and their staff are counting on all stakeholders to respond with compassion and contribute in whatever way possible to help them navigate this unprecedented situation.

Local economies are fragile, and with their livelihoods at risk, small businesses at the heart of our communities are counting on the support of our neighbors, colleagues, families, friends — and you.


Laura Clise, CEO, Intentionalist

Linda Di Lello Morton, Terra Plata

Tamara Murphy, Terra Plata

Anu Mohajerjasbi, Intentionalist & Hood Famous Bakeshop

Jennifer Hopper, Patron

Sierra Hansen, Hansen Strategic Communications

My Tam H. Nguyen, Patron (NYC & SEA)

Malia Makahanaloa, Minimal + Might Design Co.

Donna Moodie, Owner, Marjorie

Alicia Crank, Edmonds business and community leader

Yaprak DeCarmine, CEO, Game Jolt

Shaula Massena, Northwest Sustainable and Responsible Investment 

Kim Vu, Patron

Justin Inahara, Justin Taylor Media, Barista, small business supporter

Julia Wayne, Wayne Made

Kim Talley, Patron

Stephan Sendelbach, Patron

Philippe Thomelin, retired chef

Uyen Nguyen, Owner, Nue

Bridget O’Brien, Patron

Giuliana Isaksen, Patron

Thanh Tan, Patron 

Julia Freeland, small business owner and patron

Ahmad Corner, CEO / business owner; President @ Young Professionals of Seattle 

Joey Gerretsen, Owner, Pit Stop Taproom & Pub

Christina Chung, Patron

Claudia Sibila, Patron

Bean Yogi, Patron

Erin Andrews, Owner, indi chocolate

Sailor Guevara, Patron

Jody Elsom, Owner, Elsom Cellars & The Pie Lady

Egan Orion, Executive Director, Broadway Business Improvement Area

Chris Cvetkovich, Owner, Nue

Mark Pinkaow, Owner, Mark Thai Food Box

Edouardo Jordan, Owner, Salare, JuneBaby & Lucinda Grain Bar

Lynn Slaughter, Small business owner and patron

Leo Varchetta, Owner, Barolo Ristorante, Cinque Terre Ristorante, Mamma Melina Ristorante, List Restaurant

Elise Varchetta, Owner, Barolo Ristorante, Cinque Terre Ristorante, Mamma Melina Ristorante, List Restaurant

Rebekah Bastian, CEO, OwnTrail 

Moji Igun, Patron

Rachel McDonald, Patron

Kelli Thoumsin, Small Business Owner and Patron

Christian Kang, Small Business Owner and Patron

Amy Burdick, GSBA

Thierry Rautureau, The Chef In The Hat, Owner, Luc Bistro, Loulay Kitchen & Bar

Melissa Strawn, CEO & Founder, MyPeopleNow.com  

Tom Larson, Patron, Seattle & Bay Area

Ravi Grover, Patron and Investor (including Postmates), Seattle

Andrea Brice, Patron

Wendy Kato, Patron

Janet Brown, Patron

Simon Friedman, Patron

Tay & Val, Patrons

Akoni Lagua, Patron

Elizabeth Scallon, Patron

Alisa Miller, Patron

Alex McGuire, Patron

Greater Seattle Business Association

Ashley Sevilla, Patron

Nicole Hatch, Patron

Michelle Gislason, Patron

Maddie Casey, Patron

Dawn Rains, Patron

Maretta Delacruz, Owner, Wink Doughnuts

Valentina Vitols, Patron

Noel Frame, Washington State Representative and Patron

Monali Patel, Patron

Beto, Yarce, Executive Director, Ventures

Megan Haddock, Patron

Business Impact NW

Monica Beach (@monybseattle), Food Writer, Intagrammer, Micro-Business Advocate

Lisa Michaud, Owner, Two Big Blondes & Patron

Eiko Tubridy, Patron

Jackie Peterson, Small Business Owner & Patron

Alyssa Anderson, Owner, Piroshki on 3rd

Nina Wattana, Patron

Debra Russell, Owner, Eve

Jill Buchanan, Owner, Eve and Lecosho

Libby Aker, Owner, Pioneer Square D&E

Jonathan Fleming, Owner, Pioneer Square D&E

Jennifer Cadence, Patron

Kimberly Sandie, Patron

Allison Borngesser, Intentionalist, Small Business Owner & Patron

Iulia Bejan, Owner, Connect Lounge

Cynthia Brothers, Founder, Vanishing Seattle

Kenna Little, Patron

Belen Herrera, Patron

Jon Icasas, Patron

Andrew Chin, Patty’s Eggnest

Alex Chin, Patty’s Eggnest

Arina Abbott, Patron

Leah Willoughby, Patron

Erika White, Owner, Fat’s Chicken & Waffles 

Malik Khan, Owner, Cedars Restaurants

Imee Tribo, Patron

Erin Harper, On-Premise Sales, Precept Wine

Jill Sato, Patron

Megan Whalen, Patron

Marlene Mills, Patron

Eliza Dornbush, Patron

Kara Wenrich, YP Impact

Nate Baum, Seattle Patron

Autumn Lerner, Patron

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      1. Support this 100%. Small businesses are the fabric of communities

      2. We’ve got you added – thanks for your support!

      1. We’ve got you added – thanks for your support!

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