From left to right, Sarah Angel and Maya Frame.

Time flies when you’re writing code that helps people #SpendLikeItMatters! As our interns Sarah Angel and Maya Frame prepare for the next leg of their coding journeys, they reflected on their brief time with the Intentionalist team.


I have live code! If you had asked me 9 months ago where I would be in my coding journey at this point, I would not have believed I would have contributed code to a fully functioning website for a company as awesome as Intentionalist. I’m incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity and prove that I have the chops to not only code but write code that is already making a difference!

I always knew I wanted to use my coding skills to create social impact and, due to my healthcare background, always thought it would be health related. But working alongside Intentionalist founder and CEO, Laura Clise and engaging with the Intentionalist community, I realized social impact comes in many forms. Intentionalist taught me that our dollar – where we eat, drink, shop, do yoga, etc. has a direct impact on the people in our neighborhoods whose local businesses are the heart of our communities.

Choosing to shop at a local mom and pop market can be an opportunity to support a family-owned business that contributed to a local nonprofit fundraiser; eating at local taco stand might mean you’re helping an immigrant family make a better life for themselves. And these same businesses give back to and make our communities better in so many ways.

I am so proud that my code is being utilized to help build stronger communities and further the Intentionalist mission. So go check out my footer, the Latinx-Heritage Month page, or suggest a business to be added to the Intentionalist community, and experience my code at work!


Near the end of my code school experience when I was interviewing for internships, I was asked to describe my ideal internship. I earnestly explained that I wanted my contribution to be meaningful, benefiting not only myself and the company, but also contributing to the greater social good.

Serendipitously, I was immediately matched with Intentionalist. Guided and inspired by Laura’s passion and focus, I got to contribute to precisely the kind of marketplace I’ve always wanted to see. I attended events and visited businesses where I met some of the most amazing people I hope to continue to know.

It has been my privilege to practice and utilize my new skills doing something that truly matters.

It’s easier than ever to feel cynical and helpless to make a positive change in the world, but this experience reminded me that every dollar we spend is an opportunity to make a tangible difference to real people in our very own communities. It has been my privilege to practice and utilize my new skills doing something that truly matters. Thank you for everything, Laura. Go, Fight, Win!

Thanks to phenomenal support from the Ten-Forward team and the introduction from Paladin, we’re fortunate to have been able to host Sarah and Maya. We appreciate their contributions, and look forward to seeing the many ways that they will build on their Intentionalist experience.

To learn more about Intentionalist please visit our websitesuggest your favorite small businesses, and be sure that you’re following us on social media (InstagramFacebookTwitter). Thanks for all you do to #BeIntentional and #SpendLikeItMatters!

Intentionalist is your local guide to small businesses and the diverse people behind them. We believe that where you spend your money matters, and we’re sure glad you do too! Whether you identify as a localist, activist, or just a good neighbor, we make it easy for you to connect with, learn about, and support small businesses in your community through everyday decisions about where you eat, drink, and shop.

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