5 Sustainable Breweries in the PNW


For intentional spenders who enjoy a cold beer every now and again, choosing sustainable breweries is a great way to stay environmentally friendly when you #SpendLikeItMatters. Sustainable breweries are those that are eco-conscious in their production processes, sourcing of ingredients, waste management practices, and more. Take a look at these 5 sustainable breweries in the PNW we love that are raising the bar on green practices.

Consider visiting them the next time you meet a friend for a drink!

5 Sustainable Breweries in the PNW

Chuckanut Brewery (Portland, OR & Burlington, WA) – Owners Mari and Will Kemper have brought quality craft beers to their customers since 1984 and are glad to bring guests exceptional beer in an inspiring, friendly, and lively environment in two locations: Portland, Oregon and Burlington, Washington!

Chuckanut believes in and carries out many sustainable practices to help take care of our planet. They conserve water usage by recirculating the heated water from their heat exchanger into their hot water liquor tank to use for the next brew. Their high-tech computer system saves energy and they use variable-speed pumps that require less energy to run. They also use spunding devices to recirculate the natural CO2 developed in the fermentation process to save on CO2 and carbon use! And Chuckanut has been very involved and a firm believer in the Towards Zero Waste recycling program from inception at both facilities.

5 Sustainable Breweries in the PNW

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery (Seattle, WA) – Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is a democratically run, member-owned, and operated cooperative – 2308 members strong! They strive to make Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery membership and activities welcoming and accessible to all members of their diverse community.

As an environmentally conscious brewery with a focus on sustainability, Flying Bike aims to be good for the beer, and good for the planet in everything they do.

5 Sustainable Breweries in the PNW

Lantern Brewing  (Seattle, WA) – Owners Chris Engdahl and Lori Engdahl opened Lantern Brewing, a small brewery in North Seattle, with a vast love for the world of brewing. They are a bona fide craft brewery – small, independent, locally owned, and operated. They brew authentic, traditional beer with intent, passion, and soul. Lantern proudly uses Washington grains, malts, fruits, vegetables, and hops to make their beer. They stand in support of local growers and producers and work tirelessly to ensure local beer remains part of the local economy. 

Bonus: Lantern also works to maintain the integrity of their beer by using craft malts and other local ingredients whose value is returned most directly back to the people and communities in which they were grown and processed.

5 Sustainable Breweries in the PNW


Discovery Bay Brewing (Port Townsed, WA) – Owner/managers Patrick Raymond and Glenn Jansen have brewed beer together for nearly seventeen years, perfecting recipes and techniques. Patrick recently retired into his long-held desire to start a microbrewery after a successful career as a manager in forestry for over 30 years. He has lived on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas in Washington State for 35 years. Glenn Jansen moved to Port Townsend 3 years ago to pursue his passion for brewing beer after 36 years of operating his own business as a graphic designer in Seattle.

​Discovery Bay Brewing is proud of its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, recycling water used in brewing for watering landscaping, and constructing a bio-swale for storm runoff. Spent grain is collected by a local farmer to compost and use as chicken feed.

5 Sustainable Breweries in the PNW

Elliott Bay Brewing Company  (Seattle, WA & Burien, WA) – Todd Carden and Brent Norton created Elliott Bay Brewing Co. in 1997 with a shared purpose in mind. Family-friendly and community-engaged gathering spaces built on a foundation of good food, beer, and service. 

Elliott Bay puts a lot of energy into the products they make and sell, and how they impact the world we share. Their commitment to Organic grain and hop farmers, local ranches, small community vendors, and recycling help make a small dent in our impact on their community’s sustainability and livelihood.

Is your favorite local PNW brewery passionate about the planet? Let us know in the comments below!

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