It’s no secret that our CEO is a big fan of products with a purpose. So when she first discovered that jcoco chocolate is made by a Seattle, woman-owned company and that every bar sold makes a difference, she started carrying them with her to gift to people while telling the Intentionalist story.

On the None Size Fits All podcast, Intentionalist CEO, Laura Clise explains to host, Jon Boller that jcoco chocolate helps fight hunger. For every bar sold, a meal is donated to a local food bank.

Laura recently joined Grid Consulting co-founder and None Size Fits All podcast host, Jon Boller for a conversation about why she founded Intentionalist and how the residential real estate community can benefit from the work that we’re doing.

  • When someone buys a home, they are also choosing a community. Small businesses influence the social and cultural fabric of our neighborhoods.
  • #BeIntentional and #SpendLikeItMatters when it comes to client engagement.

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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Intentionalist is your local guide to diverse small businesses and the people behind them. We believe that where you spend your money matters, and we’re sure glad you do too. Whether you identify as a localist, activist, or just a good neighbor, we make it easy for you to learn about and support local businesses and the diverse people who own and operate them.

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