Intentionalist Gift Cards debuted last week.

Here is our in-TEN-tional list of reasons why they’re a great way to #SpendLikeItMatters this holiday season and beyond:

10. One Card. Multiple Intentional Possibilities

Want to support a local business, but having trouble picking just one? Intentionalist Gift Cards can be used at fourteen Seattle businesses, and the list of participating businesses will continue to grow!

9. Social change. You get it.

The social-change-makers you know are eager to make their everyday choices more ethical. They’re invested in their local community and would appreciate a gift that acknowledges their core values. The gift of an Intentionalist Gift Card, says, “I get it.”

8. Versatility

When it comes to giving gifts, it can be hard to decide. The variety of intentional places to eat, drink, and shop means that Intentionalist Gift Cards adapt to the recipient’s need in the moment. Single origin pour over? No problem. The perfect accessory. Done. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Easy.

7. Minimal Gift Waste

Every year, heaps of wrapping and unused gift items contribute to tons of holiday waste. In fact, according to the National Environmental Education Foundation, Americans produce 25 percent more trash than usual between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. When you give an Intentionalist Gift Card, there’s no packaging required, and you ensure that your loved ones will spend it on something they love. 

6. The Economic Ripple Effect

On average, every dollar spent at a local small business creates an additional 50 cents in local economic impact – in terms of spend with other local vendors and suppliers and spending by business owners and employers. An Intentionalist Gift Card supports diverse small businesses that in turn support other diverse small businesses.

5. Perfect for Procrastinators

Short on time, but nonetheless looking for a gift that conveys thoughtful intention? Intentionalist Gift Cards are electronic gift cards that offer the convenience of online shopping, while delivering a variety of ways to discover and support the local businesses at the heart of our communities.

4. Every day is #SmallBusinessSaturday

More than 96% of the 110 million people who support local businesses on Small Business Saturday say that they wish it weren’t just one day each year. An Intentionalist Gift Card is a persistent reminder and opportunity to support small businesses throughout the year.

3. Build Community 

For those experiencing the “Seattle freeze,” what they might not know is that community is waiting behind the counters of coffeeshops and tucked away in cafés all around the city. The participating businesses in the Intentionalist Gift Card program are bustling hubs for connection. When you give an Intentionalist Gift Card, you open the possibility for building community. 

2. Big Impact 

Intentionalist donates a percentage of gift card proceeds to local non-profit organizations that support small and micro business owners. This means that every purchase made with an Intentionalist Gift Card contributes to community-based organizations that provide important resources for underserved entrepreneurs.

1. Intentionalist businesses are so much more than the products and services for sale

Participating Intentionalist business owners take pride not only in the products and services they offer, but also in providing community spaces for us to come together and connect. Intentionalist Gift Cards link participating businesses to people who #SpendLikeItMatters, and together, we are creating and investing in the more equitable, inclusive places where we want to live, work, and play.

Thanks for all that you do to #SpendLikeItMatters – shop small, buy local, and #BeIntentional! Discover awesome brick + mortar small businesses in your community, suggest your favorites, and be sure that you’re following us on social media (InstagramFacebookTwitter).

Intentionalist is your local guide to small businesses and the diverse people behind them. We believe that where you spend your money matters, and we’re sure glad you do too! Whether you identify as a localist, activist, or just a good neighbor, we make it easy for you to connect with, learn about, and support small businesses in your community through everyday decisions about where you eat, drink, and shop.

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