We are so inspired by the stories you’ve shared about the people you selected to receive a Community Coffee Boost care package.

Read about the incredible members of our community and send a Community Coffee Boost to someone you appreciate.

Best Friends and Latte Lovers

“Jacs is my best friend, my chosen sister and a grounding force in my life. We both live far from home (Sydney, Australia!) and are each other’s support network. In addition to a demanding full time job, Jacquie has 3 children under the age of 5! During this pandemic she is juggling working from home in addition to full time kid duties. She has great taste in general — but especially coffee!  I always look forward to the lattes she makes me in her kitchen. Jacs always inspires me to get it done, not always perfect, but to push through. Thank you Fulcrum and Intentionalist!”

— Sunita 

To a Therapist, a Nanny, and a Chaplain: Thank You!

“The recipients for the Community Coffee Boost were Jen, Margaret, and Michaela — they are 3 of my dearest friends, and, conveniently for this care package, they also live together 🙂 We’re all part of an art and support group inspired by a book called The Artist’s Way, and have met monthly for the last 5 years or so. I selected them to receive this package because of the care they’re bringing to their communities right now. One is a therapist, one is a nanny, and one works as a chaplain at Harborview. They’re offering so much emotional support to the people they serve, and I wanted them to feel cared for by this lovely package. I’m so inspired by the way they’ve supported each other through this unprecedented time. They’ve been intentional about the care that they offer each other as they continue to provide important services in the city. Thank you so much for doing this! My friends were so touched by the package. Thank you for helping me care for them!”

— Kate

A Gift For a Thoughtful Artist

“I sent mine (courtesy of you) to Stacy Milrany, She’s kind, generous, funny, and was one of the 1st artists offering to paint bearded up windows of businesses in her neighborhood (& they are works of art! Her wonderfully unique paintings are exhibited at Fountainhead Gallery on Queen Anne in Seattle). We became friendlier last year at Stacy’s art reception. Her mom had cancer, so Stacy was requesting guests write cheery postcards which she’d then mail one per day (& she then drew from the postcards to give away art, I won!). That level of thoughtfulness is 100% Stacy. To see her creativity, go to: https://www.stacymilrany.com/

— Kelly 

In Lieu of Our Regular Coffee Dates… 

“The recipient I chose used to be my neighbor.  I have MS (and am disabled due to it) and she is LGBT, so we fall into the diversity bucket. She is one of the most genuine people I know and I miss her quite a bit as I’m sheltering at home.  I’ve moved out of the apartment building we shared and I have moved just down the street from the complex that her wife’s mother lives in.  Before COVID-19, we would arrange coffee dates at least every month.  She would usually pick me up when she was on my side of town.  Since COVID we have both been isolating!  She is a retired nurse and I can not imagine anyone being more caring.  She is also fairly politically active and open minded.  Talking things over with her was a real treat!  And it probably helped that she moved to Seattle from the South too, so our appreciation for each other was understood and we shared hugs often!”

— Tiffany 

To My Coffee-Loving Brother, With Love from The Midwest

“I sent this care package to my brother who works for the State of WA and lives in Olympia. I’m in the Midwest, so he’s “local” to Fulcrum relatively, and I knew he’d be excited to try a roast from a diverse small business! Not only did he enjoy the coffee, but he shared it with a neighbor who had a grinder — and they both enjoyed it. He told me he also received an awesome dark chocolate snail which made his day on a hike to the capitol. At some point in the future when he heads back to Seattle, he plans to visit Fulcrum to check it out! He hadn’t heard of it before this. Thank you so much for brightening my brothers’ day/week with this sweet care package.”

— Marissa

To the Nurses in My Life, I Hope You Feel Seen

“I sent the community care package to my good friend’s sister who, alongside her husband, is a nurse at Harborview and has been helping care for COVID-positive patients since the beginning alongside all the other patients who need urgent and intensive care with increasingly limited resources. I have been wanting to help somehow but felt largely unable to do anything. Sending this package felt like an immediate way to say thank you if I could do nothing else. Both of them are just doing their regular jobs at high risk to them and under extreme circumstances that at any other time would be considered highly stressful. The work they do is so important, and I feel enormous gratitude for them to continue doing it. My hope is that they receive this package and know that someone out there is aware of what they’re experiencing and sending love and support.”

— Mariah

To a Powerful Teacher and a Guiding Force… 

“The recipient I chose is a teacher, but he is also a quietly essential guiding force within the teaching community at our school where I work.  His compassion, patience, tact and genuine concern for students, families and colleagues is truly inspiring.  He is the person who mentored me when I first joined the profession, has been a teaching colleague in our shared subject area since then, but is also a beloved office mate, friend, and colleague to me and many others. The very things that make him an inspiring leader – deference and putting others first – also make him less visible while teaching remotely, and I wanted him to make sure that he knows he’s still appreciated!

A Community Coffee Boost provides caffeine, which is even more important while he’s both working and raising a family from home, but is also a chance to connect to the community providers that are our lifeblood in Seattle.  Independently owned coffee shops are part of the food and culture ecosystem that makes me love this city so much, and getting to share that community within our homes is a way to re-connect ourselves to the community beyond our walls.  He makes everyone he works with feel seen.  Deeply seen, and valued, for who they are and what they contribute to the world.  He sees us as more than just teachers, but also members of our communities, and values us for that.  He and his family are also keystones of their own community, and seeing the generous and open-hearted way they connect with and support other families has quietly revolutionized and broadened my expectations of how much community it is possible to build, and how much support they can provide. Finally, thank YOU for all the work you do to support community and help us find opportunities to see and recognize each other!”

— Hannah 

To the Strongest Person I Know

“Thank you so much for creating the Community Coffee Boost care package. Erin Anderson was the recipient of my gift; my cousin and best friend. Erin’s father, my uncle, passed away this past March, from a heartbreaking bout with cancer. He was beloved by everyone who knew him, and led a life of service in his small-town Iowa community. Erin is following in her father’s footsteps of serving others in that same area, through her work as a therapist and social worker. Erin works at one of the only mental health centers in her region, and even in the midst of her own grief, is showing up for her community during this trying time. She deserves the world, and deserves the Community Coffee Boost care package! Thank you.”

— Lora

To a Spunky Scientific Writer, Working on the Frontlines

“I sent the Coffee Boost to our dear friend Ellen Kuwana. Ellen is a tiny firecracker of a human, full of spunk and generosity. She is thoughtful to the nth degree and has a whole batch of amazing friends because of it. When she sees something that needs to be done, it’s taken care of before most of us can even puzzle out a solution. 

Ellen also happens to be a scientific writer, with a myriad of ties to our scientific and medical communities. When COVID-19 hit, and UW became the center of testing and research, Ellen knew that the folks working 24/7 on the response needed to be fed. So she just started feeding them, beginning with the UW Virology lab. And it has snowballed from there. You can find out more about what she’s doing for our frontline workers at https://www.wegotthisseattle.co/. When I saw your post with the offer, it was clear Ellen needed to be a recipient. I do my part keeping her in clean masks for deliveries, but that’s nothing compared to what she’s done. Thanks for helping us thank her and show her that she is appreciated beyond measure!”

— Jen 

Sending Some Local Coffee to My Favorite Frontlines Foodie! 

“The recipient is someone who inspires me to be a better human being! She has a calm and focused vibe, even when things get hectic, and always has great advice. I value how well we work together! We’re both passionate about social justice and healthcare and I appreciate having someone to have an honest and transparent thought partnership with. She also has great food, tea, and essential oil recommendations and is also obsessed with boba and matcha like me! She’s the first person who came to mind when I saw that Intentionalist was doing this! We work in healthcare on the admin side, and she was redeployed for a week to clinical work (she has a nursing background) and still found time to engage on the numerous projects we’re working on together! Coffee and chocolate is a great way to show appreciation!”

— Barbara

To a Hero in my Life who Does What’s Right

“Thank you so much for the coffee boost! The person I sent it to is my brother in law, Jason. He’s a medical office manager at a large facility who spent months organizing his department to be prepared to work as a respiratory clinic if needed. While the Seattle health care system did not see the overwhelming crush that would require that, he is still a hero in my eyes — especially as he advocated for his parent company to honor a promise of hazard pay to frontline workers that was at risk of not being provided due to bureaucratic technicalities. I also love that he insists on ordering and picking up food directly from local restaurants instead of relying on third party delivery apps — that’s just who he always has been! I’m very proud of him because he’s a man who doesn’t stand down when people aren’t being treated right. I’m very proud to call him family. Thank you again for helping me show him he’s appreciated!”

— Melissa

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