If you’ve ever had New Mexican food, you know that green and red chile are delightfully craveable flavors with a great kick of spice. It’s hard to get high-quality chile outside of the regions its grown, but two sisters were eager to change that. In 2009Yukiko and Miki Sodos opened Bang Bang Cafe in Belltown and continue to delight locals with the unique flavors of their hometown in the Othello neighborhood (est. 2019)! The twist? Their menu is exceptionally vegetarian and vegan friendly. Offering vegan green chile mac and cheese and savory jackfruit tacos, Seattleites with dietary restrictions can get a taste of Albuquerque.

Pro tip: Try the Bang Bang to have both green and red chile on your burrito (“Christmas”).

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Business Owner
Miki Sodos and Yuki Sodos

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