Linda Takano opened Lulumiere’s brick and mortar in 2021, but she’s been running the soy wax candle and shower steamer business since 2013. Scent has always been an important part of Linda’s life, and she loves the mix of science and art in candle pouring. Every candle sold at Lulumière is more than just a candle — it’s made with intention. Lulumière means light, and Linda is sending out little lights to you. She includes essential oils in each candle, in the hopes of encouraging renewal and deep breaths.

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Linda Takano
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  1. Linda at Lulumiére makes the best candles! Highly recommend Northwest, Cider, and Grapefruit & Bergamot, but definitely go smell everything! They’re complex scents that don’t smell overpowering, and I love that the containers can be refilled by Lulumiére, reused, or recycled.

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