Owners and step-brothers Sean Sheffer and Joe Wargo are bringing the flavors of the Pacific Islands to the Pacific Northwest at Remedium Island Grill. The Capitol Hill restaurant serves dishes inspired by Sean and Joe’s roots in the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and the coast of Vietnam. Build your own barbecue feast, try their chicken adobo tacos, and end your meal with a pandan dessert waffles for a fusion meal that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Sean and Joe are proud to serve you their unique takes on Pacific Island cuisine and its unapologetically bold flavors.

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Sean Sheffer and Joe Wargo
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  1. I love the fusion food here. It’s a creative twist on vietnamese and filipino food and it’s cooked perfectly. The skewers are really tender and juicy and it lays on top of an actual pineapple with the rice. The rice is super delicious

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