Try out some of our favorite Pacific Islander owned businesses.


SMACK’N Guamanian Grill
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Christian Graham and Steffany Paz are serving up authentic flavors of Guam with recipes that have been passed down through generations. The pair own SMACK’N Guamanian Grill, which is their way of continuing the legacy of Christian’s grandma who owned a small business in Guam. Their menu is full of barbeque meats and veggies, with Chebot plates (full sized) and Dikike’ plates (mini). Customers love the sides — empanadas, lumpia, and more — as well as the great customer service. Bonus: Book SMACK’N Guamanian Grill online to cater your next party!

Tokemoana Foods
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This hole-in-the-wall spot is one of the few local shops to buy imported Tongan ingredients and enjoy traditional Polynesian recipes. If you’ve been searching high and low for Tongan food staples like frozen taro, ufi, manioke, lu, kape, kahokaho, talo tonga and hopa — look no further than Tokemoana Foods. Owner Fusi Taaga was eager to provide familiar comforts to Polynesians and excited to share her favorite foods with unfamiliar neighbors! Stop by and enjoy plates of lu sipi (mamoe), pulumasima/povimasima, sapasui, talo and ufi, and mango otai! 


The Big Elephant Kitchen
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For Saleshni Sundar, Deon Sundar and Deepak Sundar opening a restaurant was family business. They opened The Big Elephant Kitchen to bring Fijian and Indian food and culture to Portland. Customers are always greeted with friendly faces and quick service, and it’s apparent the family loves what they are doing. Their famous lamb curry is sure to wow, but there are many other options (including vegan and vegetarian). Fun fact: Saleshni, Deon and Deepak’s parents also help keep the restaurant running.

Chochu Local ISLAND BBQ
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When you enjoy a meal from Chochu Local ISLAND BBQ, you “eat like a local.” Chochu is a food cart, food deliverer, and catering company that serves delicious Mariana Island recipes from Guam, Rota, Saipan, and Tinian cuisine. You can pick up a plate of amazing chicken, shrimp, octopus, or beef kelaguen, delicious red rice, and bold Kimchi noodle salad anytime the craving strikes! Owners Michael San Nicolas and Joy San Nicolas opened the food cart eager to share their favorite Chamoru dishes with the broader Portland community!


Frost City Tattoo
Fred Frost has been tattooing since age 16 when a tattoo artist hired him after being so impressed by his commissioned graffiti art work in the streets of Compton, California. As Fred continued to refine his artistry, he explored realism and graffiti art before getting curious about his own native Samoan tradition of tatau. Today, Frost City Tattoo is known for their incredible urban contemporary Polynesian motifs and designs. 

Sagato Bakery & Cafe
#FamilyOwned #PacificIslanderOwned #WomanOwned
In 1994, Loi and Tualagi Sagato wanted to share their family recipes with the world and bring in some extra money for their young family of seven. What started as a small folding table topped with kekepua’a (steam buns) and pineapple pies has since become a totally robust local bakery. Today, Sagato Bakery and Café serves New Zealand, Australian, and Polynesian baked goods that include savory meat pies, cream puffs, lamingtons, pani popo, and guava cake. Bonus: Sagato Bakery and Cafe also provides delicious catering service for your special events! 


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A love for braiding led Lily Talamaivao to get an instructor’s license for cosmetology and in 2018 to open TEXTURE. As a certified DEVA CURL stylist, Lily specializes in curly haircuts, and natural hairstyles including braids, locs, and twists. Lily is one of many talented, independent artists at TEXTURE who are passionate about their craft. They value the ability to work with all hair types and textures, which allows them to serve a broader clientele. Bonus: Lily also teaches classes for people who want to learn how to cornrow and haircare lessons for parents.

Tolu: Modern Fijian Cuisine
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Brothers Krishan Kumar, Anand Kumar, and Raajan Kumar are bringing a modern take on traditional Fijian food using fresh, local ingredients from the Pacific Northwest to farmers markets, festivals, and your events. The brothers take their time to slowly infuse all of the fresh herbs and spices together to create a unique flavor that you will not find anywhere else. “Tolu” means “the three” in the Fijian language. The name represents the three brothers (although the whole-family runs the operation) and the three influences for the food: Indo-Fijian, Native Fijian, with a touch of the Pacific Northwest.

Remedium Island Grill 
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Owners and step-brothers Sean Sheffer and Joe Wargo are bringing the flavors of the Pacific Islands to the Pacific Northwest at Remedium Island Grill. The Capitol Hill restaurant serves dishes inspired by Sean and Joe’s roots in the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and the coast of Vietnam. Build your own barbecue feast, try their chicken adobo tacos, and end your meal with a pandan dessert waffles for a fusion meal that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Sean and Joe are proud to serve you their unique takes on Pacific Island cuisine and its unapologetically bold flavors.

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