Earth Day 2019

1. Reduce Your Waste for Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019
Image source: Facebook // Public Goods and Services

Public Goods and Services, located in West Seattle, sells reusable and refillable household products. This store was designed specifically to help consumers reduce waste generated by single-use products. Stop by the shop to find sustainable products for housekeeping, laundry, personal care, and more.

At Eco Collective in Ballard, you can find thoughtfully curated products that empower individuals to reduce waste and pursue a holistically earth-friendly lifestyle. Eco Collective is Seattle’s first zero waste store and what makes them unique is that they are truly a collective. They listen to the people in their community and complement their selection of products with educational opportunities. They are hosting Earth Month events including an introduction to the zero waste lifestyle class (April 22nd), a Burke Gilman trail cleanup (April 27th), and a talk about how ocean plastics affect our health (April 27th).

2. Support a Social Enterprise for Earth Day 

Earth Day 2019
Image source: Facebook // Street Bean Coffee Roasters

Clean Greens Farm and Market is a non-profit social enterprise that provides organic produce to the community. Their mission is to increase access to healthy affordable foods through their neighborhood farm stands, their CSA program, and their Giveback Program. You can find them selling their goods in throughout the week around Central District including at Walgreens on 23rd and Jackson St, Harborview Medical Center, and Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center.

Street Bean Coffee Roasters supports the planet by taking care of its people. Initially created to provide job training for Seattle youth who are currently living without stable housing, Street Bean serves delicious coffee that both tastes good and does good. See what they’re all about at their locations in University District and Belltown.

3. Grab a Bite to Eat for Earth Day 2019

Image source: Facebook // Plum Restaurants

Plum Bistro, simply branded as Capitol Hill’s most loved vegan restaurant, takes everything that’s great about comfort food and makes it vegan. Expect locally sourced, sustainable, and organic ingredients that is upscale and exciting. They also have a food truck, offer catering, and have sister restaurants: Plum Chopped, Plum Pantry, and Sugar Plum.

With three locations in Seattle (Queen Anne, Greenwood, and West Seattle), Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe consistently uses the best ingredients which are organic, sustainably-produced, local, and GMO-free to make their fresh juices, smoothies, healing elixirs, and food items. They also produce very little waste with an impressive 90% of their waste being recycled, reused, or composted. Their cafe was founded with the purpose being kind to the planet and maintaining the highest sustainable business practices and they definitely do.

4. Buy an Ethically Made and Sustainably Sourced Gift for Earth Day

Image source: Facebook // Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry

The CURA Co. is very intentional about the products it sells at its Central District art gallery and design boutique. All of their products are chosen specifically because the owner firmly believes the manufacturing of consumer goods must not exploit people or mother earth. Buying your next gift from The CURA Co. is a great way to #SpendLikeItMatters.

What’s more romantic than buying an earth-friendly engagement ring? At Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry you can find just that! She started her craft as a hobby when she was studying environmental science in college and now creates unique pieces including rings, bangles, and earrings with vintage diamonds, moissanite (lab-grown diamonds), and 100% recycled gold. You can also visit Valerie’s studio in the International District and work with her to design your own custom piece.

5. Treat Yourself to Dessert for Earth Day 2019

Image source: Facebook // Sweet Alchemy

We all scream for ice cream from Sweet Alchemy in University District or at their brand new location in Ballard. They make dozens of small batch, organic, and locally-sourced ice cream flavors that they rotate regularly. Sweet Alchemy manages to produce very little waste because they primarily offer the customers who dine-in real serveware that they wash and reuse. Of the waste they do create, the vast majority is recycled or composted.

With locations in Capitol Hill and Ballard, Frankie & Jo’s serves plant-based ice cream. Their flavors range from the traditional chocolate mint brownie all the way to the unexpected beet rose strawberry sorbet (my personal favorite!). Treat yourself and support their mission to radically shift the way people think about ice cream. All of their ice cream is vegan and gluten-free.

Earth Day 2019 and any day is a good day to #SpendLikeItMatters and support eco-friendly small businesses. 

Moji Igun is the founder of Blue Daisi Consulting which provides small businesses with the tools and resources they need to reduce waste and be nicer to the planet. Blue Daisi Consulting offers free consultations for small businesses who want to learn more about the ways they can be more intentional about their business practices. Learn more about the services offered here.

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