Kiko Eisner-Waters, owner of The Cura Co. (Photo: The Cura Co.)

Meet Kiko Eisner-Waters — conscious curator, force for greater good, and owner of The Cura Co. in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood. The Cura Co. is a one-stop shop for women-made, ethical, and beautifully designed fashion, beauty, home products, and programming. Kiko was inspired to start her shop after seeing artisanal work from the Huichol indigenous people while on a trip to Mexico. Her ultimate goal with The Cura Co. is to use commerce as a solution to dismantle systemic exploitation, patriarchy, and colonialism inherent in marketing and consumerism.

Get to know more about Kiko in this week’s Business Spotlight Q&A.

The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What’s your favorite part about the community The Cura Co. is in and why?
The community my business is in is so wonderful. I just feel so lucky to have landed there. I opened in March of 2019, and I had to close exactly one year later — literally on the day we were going to have our one year anniversary party is the day we closed down. But the Central District has been really welcoming and really kind. Because I’m a small business owner and I’m self funding, I didn’t invest in any marketing and any PR, and it’s really been the neighborhood that has gotten the word out about Cura. It’s just been so touching and motivating for me. 

Why is it important to you and your business that people #SpendLikeItMatters?
Our livelihoods depend on it. I truly believe small businesses and commerce have to be an integral part of healing this world. We have to be intentional about every decision we make. That’s why at the heart of Cura’s business model is that I’m here to make it easier on people so they can trust the products that we carry are really doing good outside of my own business. Small businesses reinvest in their communities, we create jobs and partnerships and support one another. This has been one of the most supportive experiences of my life. Someone walks into my store and they walk out and we’re friends. It’s so powerful. 

Who is on your Intentional List right now?
Oh, there are so many. Definitely my next door neighbors Union Coffee. They opened in March 2020, and they have brought such a beautiful energy to the block. And also the fact that they were determined to make it through this time and it’s been wonderful to see how they’ve brought foot traffic to our block. And they’re supporting other small businesses by doing local food pop-ups. I really love Vendemmia. They’ve pivoted so strategically — we’ve eaten a lot of wonderful takeout meals during this time. It has been a wonderful break for me when I don’t want to cook [she laughs]. Squirrel Chops is another favorite coffee shop in my neighborhood. These women are incredible.

By Kristina Rivera

Federal Way

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