Chef Aaron Verzosa Recommends AANHPI Small Businesses

As the prestigious James Beard Awards approach, Intentionalist is excited to shine a spotlight on Chef Aaron Verzosa. Named a finalist for his outstanding culinary contributions, Aaron has captivated the Pacific Northwest with his innovative approach to Filipino cuisine. At the helm of Archipelago, the acclaimed restaurant he co-founded with his wife Amber Manuguid, Aaron skillfully combines his love for cooking, the flavors of their Filipino roots, and local ingredients to create an extraordinary dining experience.

Deeply rooted in the Filipino American community, Aaron has actively engaged in promoting Filipino culinary traditions. As a founder of ILAW: A Coalition of Filipino Food & Beverage Professionals in the Pacific Northwest, he fosters collaboration and highlights the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine. Through Archipelago, Aaron showcases the rich tapestry of Filipino culinary heritage, infusing it with his own creative flair.

Intentionalist recently caught up with Aaron to learn about 3 AANHPI-owned small businesses where he and Amber are proud to #SpendLikeItMatters. Here’s what they had to share:

Chef Aaron Verzosa Recommends AANHPI Small Businesses
Image from Biōm’s Instagram

Biōm in Seattle’s Chinatown-ID: One of our favorite spots in Seattle. “Karleen and her partner Robin have created a beautiful community space dedicated to peace and healing. In this busy life we live, our team relies on the amazing sound baths they share each week.”

Chef Aaron Verzosa Recommends AANHPI Small Businesses
Image from Tambayan’s Instagram

Tambayan Restaurant in Portland, Oregon: “A hometown go-to. Chef Cindy’s food does not disappoint. You can always find catering trays of her food at all our family gatherings… the dinuguan though 🤤”

Chef Aaron Verzosa Recommends AANHPI Small Businesses
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Auntie Lina’s Produce Stand, arcade no. 7 in Pike Place: “The O.G. of our city’s iconic market, Auntie Lina has been running her produce stand for over 60 years. It’s easy to start things, it’s hard to keep them going. You can feel the decades of experience and dedication when you drop by her produce stand.”

Chef Aaron has already left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape. Intentionalist wishes him all the best at the 2023 James Beard Awards!

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