I attended my first IMPACT Pitch event in 2017. It was my first exposure to Business Impact NW, and I was excited to hear from local business owners with a deep commitment to the communities they serve.

At the time, Intentionalist had not yet launched – I was at the beginning of a series of events and introductions that would ultimately shape my vision for the kind of company I wanted to build. 

Repair Revolution owner Eli Allison explains why so many are fed up with the status quo when it comes to auto repair at the 2017 IMPACT Pitch competition.

The evening I spent at the 2017 IMPACT Pitch event was inspiring and made a powerful impression. Among the pitches, Coté Soerens shared her vision for her coffee shop, Resistencia, Karyn Schwartz talked about how SugarPill cultivates community, Eli Allison passionately made the case for Repair Revolution’s educational approach to auto repair, and I was introduced to Phebe Rossi’s world of gluten-free baking at Nuflours.

Two years have passed, and I continue to return to the IMPACT Pitch competition. Resistencia, SugarPill, Repair Revolution, and Nuflours are thriving, and continue to enrich their communities. They are also among the more than 1500 brick and mortar small businesses on the Intentionalist platform.

On September 19th, in front of a live audience, eight small business owners will share why their businesses are so much more than the products and services they offer and make the case for how they positively impact their communities. The eight finalists have been through a rigorous process, and they include established businesses like Kaffeeklatsch Cafe, Orca Swim School Inc., and Kids Carpentry Seattle, as well as early stage ventures like Girl Boss Sports, The Cura Co., PopSmart Kids, Yoga Wild, and Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters.

*Here are the videos each of the finalists created as part of their IMPACT Pitch journey: The Cura Co., Girl Boss Sports, Kaffeeklatsch Cafe, Kids Carpentry Seattle, PopSmart Kids, Rocky Butte Roasters, Yoga Wild.

I draw inspiration from small business owners every day – from their stories, grit, and passion for what they do – from their resilience and their commitment to giving back. I’m proud that Intentionalist is a Business Impact NW partner and supporter, because in addition to providing critical resources to local businesses, executive director Joe Sky-Tucker and his team continue to seek opportunities to amplify the many ways that they make our communities better.

Join me at the 2019 IMPACT Pitch event to witness and celebrate small businesses that contribute to a more connected, equitable, inclusive Seattle.

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