Mozzeria owners, Melody and Russ Stein. Photo credit: Behind The Food Carts.

It’s the International Week of the Deaf, and so we wanted to highlight a few deaf-owned businesses. The Deaf community remains underemployed compared to the hearing community, and businesses like those listed below offer needed employment and community.

  • Crepe Crazy, Austin, TX – Owned by Vladimir and Inna Giterman, the business began as a food truck in 2006, and is believed to have been the first Deaf-owned and operated restaurant.
  • Mozzeria, San Francisco, CA – Owned by Melody and Russ Stein, the Neapolitan pizzeria has been making news headlines as nonprofit Communication Service for the Deaf decided to invest in the business to help it expand.
  • Streetcar 82, Hyattsville, MD – Owned by Sam Costner, Mark Burke, and Jon Cetrano, the brewery debuted in 2018 as the first of its kind on the East Coast. The business partners and Galludet University alums are proud to have created a space where the deaf and hearing communities can come together.

“Deaf people can do anything. The only thing they can’t do is hear.”

-Inna Giterman

We would love your help continuing to add Deaf-owned businesses to the Intentionalist community. Your suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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