We recently caught up with Marcus Green to talk about 10 of his favorite Black-owned small businesses in Seattle and why he loves to support them. Marcus is the founder and publisher of the South Seattle Emerald, columnist with the Seattle Times, and an author. Check out his latest book, “Readying to Rise,” at a local bookstore near you!

Soma Right Massage

“There is no care like self-care and there are no hands like those of Soma Right Massage owner Tamikia Jones. Combine them together and you have the best healing massage this city has to offer.”


“There’s a reason that it’s nearly impossible to get a day-of reservation at Communion. The food, service, decor, are absolutely top-notch at this Central District favorite.”

Angel City Deli

“While the Skyway neighborhood doesn’t have a ton of food options, you only need a few when they’re as good as Angel Food Deli. Their Lil Mama Sampler of ribs, wings, and salad and their southern authentic gumbo will guarantee plenty of return trips.”

Jerk Shack

“Chef Trey’s cuisine is the closest you can get to Jamaica without actually setting foot in Montego Bay. The warmth, hospitality, and cocktails also make this a can’t-miss spot.”

Island Soul

“A visit to this Caribbean-themed restaurant is always Christmas for my tastebuds. It’s rare to survey a menu and genuinely be able to say that everything listed on it tastes great (barring food allergies). You can always say that here.”

The Station

“Far more than just a cafe, it’s a place that supports, feeds, builds, and encourages community. Come for the coffee and stay for the joy, community-building, and that third place between work and home that’s been missing from most of our lives post-pandemic.”

Toure Apparel

“If you’re looking to turn heads and blow minds via your clothing style, this spot will help you do so. They’re equally adept at providing custom clothing and screen printing for everything from one-off gag gifts to Black Lives Matter marches.”

Emma’s BBQ

“Even if the BBQ didn’t make you thankful for your tongue having sensory organs, this place would be worth supporting just for the story behind it. Matriarch Tess Thomas saved up several years to open this South Seattle business which brings hundred-year-old recipes of her family to this city.”


“Maintaining a “cocoa glow” is essential to any beauty regime. There are no better Seattle-based products to help your skin keep up it’s vitality than the ones offered by Queencare. As an added bonus a portion of their sales go to support local youth programming!”

Wa Na Wari

“Stories are the lifeblood of community. They’re how we transmit our experiences, aspirations, and lessons learned. With it’s programming, showcases, and galleries, Wa Na Wari serves as that needed gathering space for those transmissions so that a community never loses track of its narrative.”

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