#AskIntentionalist is a new blog series to share our responses to some of the questions we receive so that it’s easier than ever for you to #SpendLikeitMatters this holiday season and beyond!

I want to support diverse local businesses. Can you suggest what I can bring as a breakfast treat for my staff or office?

What better way to start the day than with tasty bites that also support small businesses in our communities! From sweet to savory, here are a few suggestions:

  • Semillon Bakery – Pain au chocolat, almond croissants, bacon & egg brioche, and more!
  • Raised Doughnuts – Stop in, say hi to Noodle the Poodle, and be sure to include a few of the mochi doughnuts in your order.
  • Nuflours Bakeshop – Gluten free, flavor full. So many great, delicious options!

I’m organizing a lunch meeting lunch for my team at our office, what would you recommend in terms of sandwich and buffet items that keep it simple?

Lunch meetings are a great opportunity to support local businesses, including organizations whose core mission is to give back to the community:

  • Conscious Eatery – “Make it a meal” and they provide one for someone in need!
  • Cone & Steiner – Boxed (okay, bagged) lunches, delivered!
  • Manu’s Tacos – Tacos make people happy. And productive.
  • Cafe Turko – Wonderful, flavorful dishes, including many vegan options.
  • FareStart – Your lunch will be tasty and supports the organization’s job training programs.

Any tips for places to take my team to dinner?

Whether you’re looking to celebrate the end of the year or set the right tone for a new year of possibilities, here are some options where the Intentionalist team has been known to dine:

  • Marjorie – In addition to the option of the cozy dining room, be sure to check out the party room, a private dining or event space for up to 50 guests.
  • In the mood for seafood? Both Blueacre Seafood and Steelhead Diner have great private dining room options.
  • Brimmer & Heeltap – Treat your team to a special meal based on the restaurant’s seasonal menu. The private dining studio space can accommodate up to 25 people.

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