Belltown Strength and Conditioning


Meet John Bartlett, the owner of Belltown Strength & Conditioning in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Belltown Strength and Conditioning strives to be more than just a gym – it’s a community of intelligent coaches and eager-to-learn students striving to understand how to move better and live a healthier life. John aims to help each student reach their goals in and outside of the gym, with a focus on form while creating an inclusive and positive environment for everyone. Whatever your mountain is Belltown Strength and Condition is ready to help you reach your summit.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 


What’s your favorite part about the community your business is in & why?

Belltown is an incredibly diverse and fun neighborhood with art galleries and new restaurants, which means there are so many ways to try new things. 


Why is it important to you and your business that people #SpendLikeItMatters?

Being a Black-owned business, it is very important that we are intentional about where we spend our hard-earned income. My goal is to try and create the most inclusive environment I can that welcomes people to be more in touch with their body and goals. 


As a business owner, what’s the strangest or craziest idea you’ve ever tried?

Buying a gym during a global pandemic I think was the most out of the box thing I have done! 


What’s something your customers may not know about you or your business?

I am a former sponsored triathlete who used to lead no-cost fitness camps for kids and parents with the intention of just getting the families moving together and embracing that time as a family. 


What are some of your favorite local businesses and why?

Bang Bang Cafe, Dough Joy Dougnuts, Metier, Plum Bistro, FreeFloFit, are all great businesses that deserve our support for the work they do. 


Anything else you’d like us to know about you and your business?

Come join us as we help people achieve their goals, whatever they may be. 

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