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It’s officially February. And the reality is that many of us have started to falter on our new year’s goals and resolutions, particularly those related to our physical wellbeing. Are you among the many struggling to cultivate and maintain sustainable wellness habits? Fear not, we’ve asked Seattle strength, fitness, and wellness professionals to share their tips on how to stick with it when it comes to self-care.

Arcaro Boxing

“For folks trying to cultivate sustainable fitness habits, we recommend slow steady changes,” owner and head coach Tricia Arcaro said. “Pick one thing to work on and give it three months to set in as a habit.  Start with something of low to medium difficulty for you to experience success and as you get better at initiating change, then head for more difficult changes.” 

If the physical fitness and strength benefits of boxing alone aren’t motivating enough, Arcaro adds, “Through boxing training you will achieve a higher level of mental and emotional fortitude.  You will experience stress release, confidence building, [and] camaraderie.”

Strive & Uplift

At Strive & Uplift, a strength and conditioning community in Ballard, owner and head coach Ren Caldwell hopes to cultivate a supportive space. Every day, Caldwell witnesses the miraculous effects of strength training, which include feeling calm, de-stressed, and strong

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Habits aren’t formed overnight —  if you’re not supported by the programs and folx that empower you, it’s going to be difficult to stick with something new,” Caldwell said. “Connect with your personal values and make sure any change you’re seeking aligns strongly with those values…that’s the best way to progress towards any health goals you might have.”


FUELhouse sets itself apart from other gyms because of their commitment to “extreme epicness.” This basically means that they’re an inclusive, community-focused space that operates on a growth mindset curriculum. Their coaches are highly-trained, and owner and kettlebell instructor Molly Kieland says that’s the key to sustainable practice. 

In order to cultivate truly sustainable fitness habits you need a coach,” Kieland said. “You need an expert to guide you, hold your hand and support you along the way and who is able to cater to your needs to help you achieve your fitness goals.  A good coach is someone who checks in and challenges you to break through physical and mental barriers that you typically would have let cut you down.”

Massage Fit 

According to MassageFit Director of Fun and Relaxation, Tiana Duncan, sustainable wellness habits must be rooted in everyday practice.

Making small changes that compliment your current lifestyle will work better in the long run,” Duncan said. “I’ve found integrating wellness habits with ease is the best solution and has longevity for example instead of taking business meetings or calls during your lunch break will aid in committing to what you need to honor time with yourself. [For example,] midday exercise and stretches, meditate, breathwork, or enjoy your meal without multitasking. 

City Sweats

If you’re looking to sweat out the toxins and impurities that lie below the skin, City Sweats offers a holistic wellness treatment for you. Nicole Zesch, the executive assistant at the popular infrared wellness spa encourages people to identify their priorities and obstacles to build sustainable habits.

Figure out what is most important to your personal wellness, and then prioritize how to make it an actuality in your life,” Zesch said. “Will you need to budget it in? Or find time in your busy schedule? Maintaining a healthy body and mind requires some personal work to prioritize yourself over the demands of a busy lifestyle.”

How about you? What helps you stay committed to your self-care resolutions? Is there a local business that helps you to make wellness a routine aspect of your life?

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By Haley Witt

Denver, CO

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