NWSL soccer players taking a knee during the national anthem.
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Inspired by their activism of the National Women’s Soccer League, we have created an InTENtional List of Black-owned businesses in Salt Lake City so that the players, coaches, and tournament staff can #SpendLikeItMatters throughout the remainder of the tournament in Salt Lake City. 

When the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Challenge Cup kicked off on Saturday June 27, players from the Portland Thorns and the North Carolina Courage took a knee during the national anthem in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement. Online and on the field, NWSL athletes continue to use their platforms to speak out and make a difference.

Á La Maison Monsieur Crêpes #BlackOwned #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

Some crepe spots have a clear niche: sweet or savory. At Á La Maison Monsieur Crêpes, you can enjoy either or both! Owners Raysha Carrasco and Maxime Ambeza opened the spot in 2018, eager to treat their neighbors to authentic French recipes. Sweet comfort in a crepe? Order the S’mores. On the savory side, try the Versailles, topped with brie, prosciutto, tomato, spinach, and herbes de Provence!

Dawgz n’ Leenks #BlackOwned

It’s simple, but sometimes there’s nothing better than the perfect hot dog. When Pete Lee concocted his perfect dog, it wasn’t long before word spread about his food truck, Dawgz n’ Leenks. To enjoy the deliciousness, watch social media for updates. When you reach his hot dog stand, you’ll have your pick of sausage (chicken, Polish, beef, or veggie) and toppings. Or, of course, opt for a classic: “Da Chili” dog, because yum.

Diversion Social Eatery #BlackOwned #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

Owners Ryan Peterson and Jennifer Stone made a splash in the Utah fast-casual dining scene when they opened their restaurant, Diversion Social Eatery, in 2019. This family-friendly spot offers an array of no-frills comfort foods ranging from burgers to pizza, tacos, salads, and more! But what sets them apart? Everything is baked and nothing is deep-fried. Enjoy your favorite comfort foods without the oil and grease!

Pro tip: Vegans and meat-eaters alike can enjoy their signature burger bowl. Opt for a portobello mushroom version or go for beef.

Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant & Market #BlackOwned

Once you’ve tried the veggie combo at Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant & Market, you’ll be dreaming of flavorful Ethiopian spices and warm injera for days. Owner Sleshi Tadesse’s traditional recipes keep locals coming back, and the plentiful gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options make the restaurant a crowd-pleaser. Sleshi loves to share his food and culture with visitors, so be sure to say hi when you see him!

Pro-tip: Call ahead if you want your injera to be made gluten-free.

Miss Essie’s BBQ  #BlackOwned

For many generations, Marcus Jones’s family has been cooking up delicious barbecue with the same recipe that can be traced back to his grandmother, Miss Essie. Today, you can taste the 100-year-old recipe by ordering a hot family-style meal or buying their secret-recipe of bottled BBQ sauce made with organic ingredients. If you opt for a Miss Essie’s BBQ family meal, you’ll find plenty of options including BBQ ribs, pulled chicken, pulled pork, BBQ chicken thighs, and more!

Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen #BlackOwned 

On the Western side of the U.S., discovering a true Southern comfort food spot near you is a gift. Growing up, chef Julius Thompson used to help his grandmother and aunts in the kitchen. Eager to honor his family and spread joy in his neighborhood, Julius opened his own brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2019. Today, Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen delights locals with fried chicken, catfish, shrimp and grits, collard greens, black-eyed peas, and more.

Pro tip: Save room for dessert! Sauce Boss makes amazing lemon bars.

Noor Restaurant #BlackOwned 

Locals love the cozy atmosphere and accommodating service at Noor Restaurant. Don’t hesitate to experiment with your “usual order” at this Somali restaurant – everything is delicious, and made-to-order in their kitchen! Owner Ismail Sharif and his team are always happy to make a recommendation, but regulars like to order sambosa and chicken sakoor.

Sheer Ambrosia Bakery #BlackOwned #WomanOwned 

If there’s one word you won’t forget after a “sweet” visit to Sheer Ambrosia Bakery, the word is baklava. The flaky Mediterranean has been perfected by owner Rita Magalde. She fell in love with the pastry after working at a Greek-restaurant through high school and college, and it has since become her lifelong passion.

Pro tip: Join the monthly baklava club at Sheer Ambrosia Bakery and sample a new flavor of the traditional dessert delivered to your door!

Horn of Africa #BlackOwned 

When you sit down for a traditional Somali meal at Horn of Africa, you can expect to feel welcomed by cheerful service and large, made-to-order dishes. One of just few places in the Salt Lake City area to order goat, regulars will tell you it’s an absolute must alongside a steaming plate of sambusa. Owner Halimo Omar has made a name for the restaurant and its affordable, delicious fare!

Yoko Ramen #BlackOwned 

If you ask ramen fanatics, the best was to judge a good ramen spot is the broth. Vegans and meat-eaters alike give Salt Lake City’s Yoko Ramen two thumbs up! If you’re not opting for ramen, other options include gyoza, kimchi, or fried chicken. Owners Jameel Gaskins, Josh Rosenthal, and Asher Seevinck are the names behind the award-winning ramen spot, and locals can’t get enough.

Are we missing your favorite Black-owned businesses in Salt Lake City? Let us know and suggest your favorites to our directory.  

For those watching the tournament outside of Salt Lake City, be sure to check out all of the Black-owned businesses on our site in Seattle, Washington, DC, Raleigh, Durham, Atlanta, Portland, and beyond!

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